£114,000 Won At Online Casino William Hill

Recently, the owner of one of the UK’s Chinese takeaway restaurants won a jackpot of over £114,000 thanks to 80 casino-william-hillpence bet he placed on the online slots at online casino WilliamHill.com.

The player, Joe Siuchung Yip is from Surrey and he won £114,649 on the exclusive game after his lucky 80 pence spin put him through to the bonus jackpot round.

Yip said that he’s, “used to giving out fortune cookies to others but hadn’t had much luck myself recently so this is brilliant, “I’m going to pay off some debts and will probably replace my old car but it hasn’t quite sunk in that I’ll have money left after that.”

William Hill operate online casino WilliamHill.com as just one of their many online casino sites. They offer a huge range of games including roulette, slots, progressive jackpots, blackjack, poker and a live casino.

Jenni Prest the Spokesperson for William Hill said, “Eighty pence wouldn’t even get you a bag of prawn crackers but now Joe has got the money for a banquet everyday. That’s the great thing about the progressive casino jackpots, they grow to life-changing amounts and anyone who plays could potentially win one.”

Why not try out your luck. Visit online casino WilliamHill.com for a huge selection of games ranging from slots to poker to blackjack to roulette to arcade games. See if you can hit the jackpot!

Author: James Deweese

Independent Reporters

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