Online Vegas Casino Winners Become Instant Millionaires!

They say that life is about taking risks. It’s no wonder, then, why online gamblers of all people are truly living their life online-vegasto the max! Two of the world’s happiest online gamblers these days are Barry and Lynsey Mirehouse, who recently won an incredible online progressive jackpot at an online Vegas casino worth a whopping £1,201,233!

The millionaire couple, located in Marypor, Cumbria in Britain, were playing their favorite online slots game, the progressive jackpot Clover Rollover last week at their regular online bingo website, There were 5 paylines that could be activated, valued at 1 pound each, and the daring couple decided to go all in and spend the 5 pound maximum on what would be their luckiest spin ever! And of course, seconds later they had an incredible £1.2 million pounds to their name!

This particular progressive jackpot had not been hit for a period of several months, explaining how exactly it had grown to such enormous figures. This was also despite being offered at a handful of the internet’s most popular online Vegas casino websites, including, Bingo.Ladbrokes.Com,,,, and It is believed that literally tens of thousands of players tried their luck at Clover Rollover during this period, yet it was this brave English couple who bet the maximum bet that won.

The couple told local reporters that they aren’t yet sure what they plan on doing with the winnings. Despite the multitude of wild options now available to them, they nevertheless intend on keeping the news as quiet as possible and remaining humble about their awesome luck.

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