Online Casino Player From Arizona Hits Jackpot

Paula L., a teacher from Tucson, had a bout of beginner’s luck when she hit the jackpot on Top Game’s Red White Blue online casino slot machine at Rome online casino.

Red White Blue is the patriotic online slot machine from Topgame Software, available at Rome online casino. The American patriotic theme of the Red White Blue slot fits with Rome Casino’s commitment to offering US players an enjoyable online gambling experience. This machine is just one of the classic slots with progressive jackpots available at Rome Casino. Red White Blue is a very traditional classic slot with symbols including single, double and triple bars, white and blue 7s and a jackpot 7 covered in stars and stripes. This online slot machine does not utilize scatter symbols or bonus rounds.

Paula from Tuscon, Arizona, hit it big when she spun three stars and stripes 7s on her first day of playing at Rome online casino. “One of my coworkers had been talking about online casino gaming for awhile,” said Paula. “He said he plays a lot of online casino blackjack and it’s a lot of fun. I’ve been to Vegas a few times and I’ve always stuck to the slots, so I decided to give it a go on the Red White Blue.” Paula can’t wait to tell her coworkers about her success!

Red White Blue is just one of the many exciting progressive slots available at Rome online casino. The site also has two other classic online slots with progressive jackpots—Berry Flavors and Crazy Pizza, and a variety of progressive video slots online including the Bingo Slot machine, Fandango’s, the Fruit Slot, Sweets Surprise and Wild Sevens. With progressive slots, the more people that play and wager the larger the jackpot grows until one winner, in this case Paula, wins big. In order to qualify for the big jackpot in progressive online slots you have to wager the maximum number of coins. In Red White Blue, players must bet all three coins with a maximum coin value of $5.

Paula plans to use part of her jackpot to make the final payments on her car and aside from that she hasn’t really thought about what she wants to do with the money. “Right now I’m just in shock!” she said. “I can’t believe I won such a huge jackpot on my first day playing online casino games. Maybe I’ll go on a trip next summer, as the new school year is just starting so I won’t have time now. For now, I’ll just hold on to the money until I figure out what I want to use it for.”

Rome online casino is known for an amazing selection of slots, both progressive and non-progressive, as well as a variety of other exciting online casino games including blackjack, roulette, keno and online video poker. There is a lot of jackpot money and payouts to be won. Who will be the next big winner!

Online Casino Slots Player Joins Millionaires Club

The dreams of another lucky online casino player came true this month, when the massive online casino slots jackpot belonging to the Millionaires Club was finally hit. Belonging to the world renowned online gambling developer, Cryptologic, the jackpot that was won was an unbelievable sum exceeding one and a half million US dollars, $1, 547, 314 to be precise.

The online casino at which the Millionaires Club was hit, as well as the name of the lucky player, are yet to be announced and pending a verification process. The win was noticed first by other players who noticed their progressive jackpot suddenly drop from a generous 7 figure number to a mere $175, 000 (the game’s standard reset value).

Millionaires Club is one of the few games at the online casino that offer progressive jackpot amounts in excess of a million dollars. The last time that it was hit was over two years ago, and with the recent controversy surrounding the issue of jackpot payouts, all eyes will be on Cryptologic this month. It will be significantly interesting to see how, for example the player will be paid; whilst some developers such as Microgaming opt for one off payments, others prefer using installments.

There have been a range of giant wins made on Cryptologic games this year in addition to the massive sum recently won. The highest paying slots game so far has been the Marvel Hero, which averages at $9,000 per hit, and with 277 this year, it has paid out no less than $2.6 million.

Yet these are just two of the thousands of great progressive slot games that can be played. Online casinos such as Prestige Casino and Joyland Casino boast a wide range of progressive slots with just as huge sums waiting to be hit!