Big Names to attend Poker Festival

Like all great pastimes, poker too enjoys a healthy festival culture, and this year’s Poker in the Park event is even morePoker promising than ever. Scheduled to take place on August 13th from 5-9.30pm at Leicester Square, London, this will be the third year that Poker in the Park is happening, and a range of notable industry figures have already confirmed their arrival.

One of the big names booked for this anticipated event is Derek Kelly, founder of the Voodoo Card Club that only recently hit Ireland, and also of London’s well known Gutshot Club. Kelly is booked as one of the festival’s speakers, and will present a 30 minute class on the development of the poker industry in Ireland and the UK, as well as giving an introductory talk on the history of poker to those who are less familiar with it. His long history of participation in the industry is perfect for the role, especially since he released his long-awaited book, “Tales of a Degenerate Poker player,” which he will be signing copies of when there.

Other major names to hit the poker tables at this event will include Ian Frazer, Neil Channing, Kara Scott, Paul Jackson and Nick Persaud, who will all be signing autographs and interacting with the audience. Many of the people arriving will come specifically to obtain a piece of the personal insight on poker that these industry professionals are willing to share.

This unique two day event is expected to attract approximately 15,000 poker lovers. Yet if you are one of the few million who will not be able to make it out to London to take part in the festival, then it is recommended you play one of the best games available at William Hill Poker.