Online Video Poker Bonus & Tips

Online Video poker is often grouped as a single game, but in fact there are many versions of the game, offering different levels of complexity and payout prospect for those playing strategically. Check out some of the web’s most popular online video poker genres:

Jacks or Better > The original and classic video poker game that offers around 99.5% reward expectations when played with the perfect strategy on a good machine.

Deuces Wild > The famous Vegas game where all ‘2 cards’ have wild combo forming properties.

High level strategic gamers can create a positive payout expectation, but it needs perfect execution.

Double Bonus > Jacks or better ‘on steroids’, with a bonus reward attached to a 4 x Ace combo. Possible to create payout expectations over 100% for skilled strategy gamers.

Double Double Bonus > Even more steroids for this Jacks or better take – with multiple bonus levels for different 4 or a kind hands. Get skilled and you can beat the machine!

There are many other genres of video poker game, including level-up progressive payout VP and multi-hand versions, but there are some universal key tips to remember:

> Each different gaming genre needs a different strategy so match the game to the strategy!

> Find strategies freely on the web or invest in a good VP publication.

> Strategies differ in complexity – so both casual and serious players can starting gaming with logical power.

> Online video poker is considered a winnable skill game, but you still need good fortune and can’t guarantee success. Even the pro’s expect to hit regular losing sessions (it’s a marathon not a sprint).

> Set yourself max video poker stop-loss limit for each session and modest profit targets.

> Game with level stakes when playing strategically to avoid potentially wiping out any edge gained.