Online Slot Contests Battle Going On In The Online Slots World

There’s a bit of a battle going on in the online slot world – as the classic slot machines are rivaled for supremacy by the concept of slot contests. Well, in reality it’s not so much of a battle since both gaming niches remain red hot – but check out the advantages of each online slot genre….

Normal slots

While many gaming concepts try to imitate slot machines – the classic gaming format remains the king of the gaming world. No other niche can offer spins which can payout multi-millions, and with hundreds of themed slots to choose from, the number of options speak for themselves. When playing online slot machines, you can play in whichever way suits your style and mood – ranging from 0.01 spins, to slow chilled-out big money spins over 10.00.

Slot contests

Online slot contests are played on the same high quality slot machines as classic slots, such as Microgaming’s latest Grand Slam of Slot contest which used Tomb Raider Secret of the Sword as its flag-ship machine. Therefore, the gaming quality remains top notch.

The main advantage of online slot contests is the fact that the competitions have a set ticket cost – meaning you get thousands of spins on a low session budget and you know your risk before you play. Naturally, the thrill of multi-player contest gaming is the big intrinsic draw of slot competitions.

The main downside to online slot contests is the potential to hit a nice winning combo but not win a cash payout at the end of the contest (for example, you could potentially have a good session but still not make it to a winning position on the leader board). However, slot contest rewards are sky rocketing, with Microgaming’s Grand Slam of Slots offering a guaranteed 1 Million Euro jackpot, plus nearly 500 payout levels.

Online Casino Slots At Online Casinos Proves More Profitable Than Land Based Slots Games

Online Casino News: As exciting as it may be to sit in one of the many dazzling casinos lining the Las Vegas Strip, some casino slots players are finding more reasons to enjoy the convenient excitement of online casino slots in the convenience of their own home.

For one thing, playing online casino slots is a more personalized experience for online slots players. Online casino slots players no longer need to deal with crowds and the distractions of all those big noisy machines found in a real casino. Not all of us can pick up and go to Vegas at the drop of a hat. So, playing online casino slots is an ideal alternative to get in on the winning action in a most convenient way. Playing in online casinos certainly cuts down on travel, lodging and entertainment expenses too. Because all online casinos allow you to download the software for free, the only expense needed will be for depositing into your player account; this easily translates into more online casino bonus action for the player.

In addition, some online casinos offer the option of playing multiple online casino slots games at one time to maximize gaming satisfaction; this is something that is physically impossible to do in a land based casino.

Online Casino Player support is only a click away. Almost all online casinos offer their players 24/7 support with a click of a button, another advantage to playing casino slots online.
It has already been established that the odds are more in favor for players playing online casino slots than playing slots in land-based casinos, and nowhere else can serious casino slots fans be rewarded for playing at a number of these popular online casinos.

Many online casinos are in competition with each other, so with that in mind, they are constantly trying to earn player’s loyalty with offering all kinds of online casino slots bonuses, promotions and tournaments. In addition, some online casinos slots games offer progressive jackpots that can be worth millions of dollars.

There’s even some online casinos that give a special incentive to players who play online casino slots. For example, the recently launched online casino, Win Palace Slots offers slots fans a unique opportunity to enjoy a selection of over 80 types of slots games and their first time depositors receive a generous 300% up to $3,000 bonus on their first deposit when they play online casino slots.

With all of this in mind, if you are looking for an easy solution for enjoying the fun of this timeless casino classic, maybe it’s time that you check out all the benefits of playing online casino slots today.

Win Palace Online Casino Launches Win Palace Slots: One of The Exclusive Online Casinos to Play Online Slots

Today, the newly launched online casino, Win Palace Casino is celebrating another launch to their successful online casino with Win Palace Slots. Win Palace Slots was specifically designed with slots enthusiasts in mind and they offer many special incentives for all kinds of players who come to check out this new place to play online slots.

All new depositors to Win Palace Slots will enjoy a generous Welcome bonus of 300% up to $3,000 in bonus cash; A more than ideal amount of money that can be used in order to sample the selection of over 80 slots games and to allow players a maximum opportunity to ‘hit the jackpot’ when they play online slots at Win Palace Slots.

Players who come to Win Palace slots can play a variety of different types of online slot games including: Classic 3 Reel, 5 Reels, Real Series Video Slots, Video Poker and much more. In addition to this variety of ways to play online slots, players can play online slots directly from the Win Palace Slots website without having to download the software. This is a convenient and quick approach to get in on all of the action when players play online slots at Win Palace Casino.

Bonuses upon request
Stay tuned for all kinds of special events at Win Palace Slots. The online casino plans to offer huge jackpots, ongoing promotions and new slots games launches. Win Palace Slot’s multilingual online support team is on hand 24/7 to welcome players to the casino, offer special bonus requests from players and to address players’ questions and concerns.

CEO Christopher Engham stated today in a press conference that “Win Palace Slots will quickly become the hottest place for slots players to enjoy the most exclusive and exciting slots experience online today. We strive to give our players the best gaming experience and a so much more”.

Online Casinos Offer Online Slots Jackpots Near $1M at RTG Powered Casinos

There’s without doubt for anybody who’s been around the online casino industry that RTG software supplies some of the greatest online slot game jackpots in the universe. They online-casinos-wppresently have 4 online slot jackpots approximately at $1 million.

Rushmore online casino is one of the most popular online casinos that uses RTG software. The online casino provides a embarrassment of the games that will satisfy a players desire to perpetually play for big bucks.

Jackpot Pinatas and Aztec’s Millions are both online slot games accessible at Rushmore online casino, and they currently have a unparalleled differentiation in the online universe. The 2 progressive online slots include jackpots over $1 million. Aztec’s Millions has a jackpot of $1,231,244 and Jackpot Pinatas has a jackpot of $1,419,026.

Anybody that needs the chance to win big bucks should for certain consider the RTG powered online casinos,” said observer Kellen Beck, “not just are the jackpots bigger at these online casinos, but the online slot games are entertaining to encounter as well.”

Beside the 2 million dollar jackpots, there are as well additional online casino games that are approaching these supernatural amounts. Shopping Spree and Midlife Crisis both hold pots over $950,000.

Online Casino Offering New Players an Incredible Online Slots Bonus

When it comes to online slots, no other online casino offers players the most rewards for playing online slots, than the recently launched online casino, Win Palace Online Casino. This us-casino-slots-wponline casino is becoming the hottest place to play and win on some of the most exciting online slots games online today.

There are many reasons why the online casino, Win Palace Casino is attracting so many online slots players to this elegantly designed exclusive online casino. Firstly, the online casino offers all new players not only a generous welcome bonus of 200% up to $500, but a special bonus for playing online slots: An incredible 300% bonus up to $3,000 on their first deposit to the online casino just for playing online slots.

In addition to this unprecedented online slots bonus for first time depositors, players who do play at this online casino will be dazzled by an incredible selection of over 80 different online slots games.

Win Palace Casino is powered by RTG software; a trusted worldwide leader in the online casino industry. RTG is renowned for its high quality gaming platforms and exciting selection of online casino games. Fans of online slots can pick from their favorite online slots games including: Real Series Video Online Slots, Three Reel Classics, Bonus 3 Reel and much more.

Win Palace Online Casino regularly launches brand new and exciting online slots games to keep the fun and the winnings going strong for all of its players at this online casino. There is never a dull moment to be had when playing online slots at Win Palace Online Casino.

Also, players who play at this online casino will not only benefit from the excitement of all the perks of playing online slots, but Win Palace is already recognized in the industry as a leader in the finest customer support and care. The friendly and professional online support team is available to assist players with all of their needs 24/7.

Win Palace Online Casino makes it so easy for players to cash in on the winnings, as they provide super-fast cash outs that are convenient and hassle free.

Now more than ever, all kinds of online slots players are flocking to Win Palace Online Casino to experience the place to play the best of the best in online slots.

€30 FREI – Online Casino Progressive Slots Zahlen Sich Aus

Online Casino News – Diese Woche bekam ein englisches Paar jeden Grund ausgiebig zu feiern. Wieder einmal hat jemand die Quoten besiegt. Dieses englische Paar wurde auf einen online-casino-whSchlag zu Millionären und zwar auf der Online Bingo Website Das Glück traf dieses glückliche Spielerpaar, als sie auf dem Spielautomaten Clover Rollover mit progressivem Jackpot einen Höchsteinsatz in der Höhe von fünf Pfund setzten. Man kann sagen, dies hat sich wirklich ausgezahlt.

Die Gewinner, Barry und Lynsey Mirehouse aus dem verschlafenen Städtchen, Maryport in Cumbria, einer am Meer gelegenen Grafschaft im Norden von England, gewannen 1,2 Millionen Pfund. Der Gewinn traf sie an einem Dienstagabend und mit nur einer Pfundnote pro Gewinnlinie.

Der Clover Rollover Jackpot wurde monatelang nicht geknackt und so hatte er Zeit zu wachsen und zu wachsen. Bevor dieses seit 2006 verheiratete Ehepaar ihr Glück versuchte, erreichte der Jackpot die Schwindel erregende Höhe von 1.201.233£. Wer würde hierzu nein sagen. Dieser Jackpot wurde von Spielern auf vielen Websites gefüllt, unter anderem von Spielern auf den Website,,,,, und Die Spieler in all diesen Online Casinos hatten große Hoffnungen auf diesen Betrag, der das Leben wirklich verändern kann. Doch gibt es für jeden Jackpot immer nur einen Gewinner. Der nächste hohe Jackpot lässt sicher nicht lange auf sich warten.

Lynsey Mirehouse erzählte der örtlichen Zeitung News And Star “Ich weiß nicht, was wir mit dem Gewinn tun werden, aber wir werden versuchen, uns zurückzuhalten.”

“Neuigkeiten verteilen sich gewöhnlich schnell und die Leute werden herausfinden, dass wir gewonnen haben, aber wir möchten es bisher noch für uns behalten.” Reizt es Sie nicht Ihr Glück ebenfalls mit einem großen progressiven Jackpot zu versuchen. Viele Online Casinos, unter anderem das Joyland online casino oder das EuroGrand online casino, warten nur auf Ihren Besuch und die Jackpots warten auf den einen großen Gewinner.