Winpalace Online Casino $3,000 Bonus For Slot Players

WinPalace Casino entered the online gaming market only a few years ago and is already a popular name in the online casino industry. Players visiting this highly engaging venue are certainly in for all the best features today’s leading online casinos offer. This is owed much to the fact that the games run on RTG’s world famous software platform.

WinPalace represents a new and superior level of innovation within the online casino world. This, of course, is in addition to all the rich deposit bonuses this casino offers, such as their $1,000 welcome bonus and $3,000 slots bonus.

Over 120 of the most riveting online casino games in the biz are available including over 80 slots games. This online casino also added slots tournaments, which is likely going to result in even more player traffic, especially US players who have come to regard this online casino as a particular favorite.

If you have already experienced playing at other RTG online casinos, you’ll find WinPalace goes well beyond the norm with respect to overall player satisfaction. WinPalace’s stated objective is to provide each and every visitor with the best online casino experience possible including absolute security and privacy.

WinPalace is certainly winning the popularity game, and given all this online casino has to offer – from bonuses and games variety, to cool graphics and easy navigating – it’s definitely worth checking out.

Winpalace Online Casino Bonuses Attract Loads Of Us Players

WinPalace Online Casino is continuing to attract loads of US players for a number of obvious reasons. For starters, their Welcome Bonus awards new players with up to $1,000 free bonus cash after making only two deposits. Depending on what a player’s favorite games are, there are numerous deposit bonuses available to them. For instance, slots lovers can collect as much as $3,000 by capitalizing on WinPalace’s 300% deposit match bonus.

Blackjack players can reap as much as $5,000 by taking advantage of the 200% match bonus. This 100% match of up to $500 is redeemable 10 times. The same deal is available for video poker enthusiasts. High rollers can also cash in by depositing at least $750. This 200% bonus match awards players a maximum of $2,000. In addition to all these bonuses are WinPalace’s special promotions which are made available twice a week, every week.

WinPalace Online Casino has recently introduced slots tournaments as well. While the site’s 80-plus RTG slots games are largely the reason behind this casino’s rapid success, the recent addition of slots tournaments is sure to create a significant surge in US player traffic.

Overall, WinPalace is an extraordinary venue. Over 120 superb online casino games are offered, the support staff are highly accommodating, the graphics are engaging, and the deposit bonuses are hard to beat. If you’re gonna wager your hard-earned money, WinPalace is an excellent bet.

Winpalace – A Leading Rtg Online Casino

WinPalace Casino only entered the online gaming market a few years ago, yet is already an often-heard name in industry, especially among the new generation of online casinos. Players visiting this engaging venue are granted the unique opportunity to experience what today’s online casino experience can really offer. Launched by Regalbar Ltd., in short, WinPalace reflects a new and superior level of innovation within the online casino world.

The games at WinPalace Casino are all driven by Realtime Gaming – a name synonymous with state-of-the-art gaming. If you’ve already experienced playing at other online casinos, you’ll find WinPalace goes far beyond the norm in terms of overall player satisfaction.

WinPalace Casino’s stated goal is to provide each and every player with the most realistic online casino experience possible, while amid the comfort and convenience of their home.

Online Casino Gaming at its Best
The player interface at WinPalace is different (in a good way) and rather novel in comparison to older online casino sites flooding the industry. Though the folks at WinPalace can’t take too much credit for this, given that the software behind the games is developed by Realtime Gaming, we’ve got to hand it to WinPalace’s designers for building on RTG’s expertise; navigating around this online casino puts most competing brands to shame. WinPalace is simply how online casinos should be.

WinPalace Casino presents players with a vast selection of over 120 of the most riveting online casino games in the biz. These include over 60 different kinds of slot games, a large choice of table games, and various specialty games. Furthermore, players can look forward to new online casino games which are launched regularly.

Bigger Better Online Casino Bonuses
No online casino can afford not to offer players attractive bonuses and other promotions. Here too WinPalace excels. New players are offered a generous Welcome Bonus that can equal as much as $1,000. There’s also hefty Slots Bonus (300% up to $3,000) for those people anxious to play this online casino’s vast variety of slots games.

Another special WinPalace Casino feature is its overall ease and accessibility for players. Starting with the initial downloading and registration, to the friendly and courteous support team, goes above and beyond your average online casino to ensure that each player is satisfied with their gaming experience. So much so that they come back for more. Giving the online casino’s track record thus far, WinPalace certainly appears to be winning the popularity game.

Internet Gambling Monopoly Justified By European Court

The European Court of Justice has ruled that a country has the power to restrict private operators from entering the sphere of online casino gaming and Internet gambling, in a decision that came as a shock to many. The decision, which declared that private operators can be banned from the online casino and gambling arena in order to protect and safeguard the interests of a country’s citizens, gave direct justification for the upholding of the current online gambling and lottery monopoly in Portugal.

The case that was brought to court was not connected to online casino gambling directly. However, the repercussions could have a strong effect on the way the online casino industry is run in Europe. The case related to a dispute between Austrian online casino giant bwin and the gambling and lottery monopoly in Portugal. Liga, a Portuguese soccer club, is sponsored by bwin and so bwin’s online casino advertisements were placed on the uniforms of Liga players, as well as on Liga’s websites. The Portuguese charity that held monopoly rights to online casino gambling and the lottery accused bwin of infringing upon their space and their position as a monopoly and, therefore, fined bwin as well as Liga.

Furthermore, the case was brought to the highest court in Europe, the European Court of Justice, who ruled that the government has the right to bar foreign online casino operators in order to combat fraud and other unsafe practices. In the case of bwin vs. Portugal’s gambling monopoly, the court ruled that this ruling applied because, in the court’s opinion, gambling involves a high risk of fraud, criminal behavior and unsafe practices. It should be noted that bwin is a highly reputable online casino gaming group that puts security in high regard and has said that commercial casino operators can combat fraud on their own as well—not only governments. However the court disagreed and, in short, gave permission to Portugal to maintain their government monopoly on online casino games and lottery and get bwin out of the picture.

This news is a surprise, especially in light of recent efforts across Europe to move away from monopolies in the online casino and gambling industry. For instance, Denmark just passed legislation in order to dissipate the Danish monopoly Dansk Spil and allow other online casino operators to compete. Other countries all around Europe and the rest of the world have been in the process of passing new legislation to regulate the online casino industry and find means of allowing offshore casino operators to enter the equation. With these new developments, who knows what will happen. Perhaps Dansk Spil will try to regain their monopoly and other countries around Europe and the world will put a halt on their online casino regulation legislation. What effect will this have on the online casino industry? All we can do is wait and see.

Online Casino Offer 300% up to $3,000 in Special Online Casino Slots Bonus

Recently launched online casino, Win Palace Casino is taking the online casino experience to the next level and taking their players by storm. By making their games accessible in a number of convenient and profitable ways, players from around the globe, including the United States, can find their favorite way to enjoy this state-of-the art online casino and they like their options.

For starters, Win Palace online casino allows players access to their 130 plus online casino games in a quick and simple downloadable version that takes up minimal space on any hard drive and gives their players an opportunity to enjoy all of these award winning games. Within moments, players are registered to the casino and can begin playing and winning. Players also have the option to either play in a practice mode; an ideal choice for people who are looking to sample all that the casino has to offer risk free or for them to practice their playing strategies from the online casino’s large selection of exciting and rewarding table games.

As soon as a player is ready to take their playing experience to the next level, the option for a Real Money Mode is available to them with just a click of a button. This option offers many first time depositor bonuses for players to choose from. For example, players who make their first deposit into the online casino can enjoy a 200% up to $500 welcome bonus that is redeemable twice to equal $1,000 in bonus play cash. If a player is more inclined to playing Win Palace’s wide selection of over 80 slots games, the online casino offers them the chance at earning a 300% up to $3,000 Special Slots Bonus. In addition to that, high rollers can also enjoy a special high roller bonus when they deposit higher amounts into the online casino.

The bonuses and incentives don’t stop there. When players begin depositing and playing regularly at Win Palace Casino, they can take advantage of ongoing special promotions, bonuses, progressive jackpots and so much more. It is safe to say that Win Palace Online Casino wants their players to win and win big.

For those online casino players who want a playing option that is even more convenient, Win Palace Online Casino offers all of their games in a simple download free version. All players have an opportunity to either sample the casino’s lavish game selection or to play for real money straight from the Win Palace Casino website. What could be more convenient than that?

Clearly, Win Palace Casino has something for everyone, whether it’s their wide selection of exciting games, or their options for playing, this is really the place to play.

College Grad Wins Online Casino Jackpot At Rome Online Casino

Online Casino News & Bonuses: Jordan K. of Tallahassee, FL graduated from college with a BA in Literature and Publishing last May. Little did he expect, when he got his college diploma, that he would earn $30,000 before the end of summer! Jordan hit the jackpot playing the Diamonds Are Forever online slot machine at Rome online casino last week and changed his life!

Jordan says that he chose the Diamonds Are Forever machine over the other online slots at Rome online casino because he loves James Bond films. He said, “even though the machine isn’t based on the 007 film I was playing it because of the name. I thought Bond might bring me some luck and I guess I was right!” The Diamonds Are Forever machine is one of the most popular online slot machines at Rome online casino. It is a classic 3-reel, 3-payline slot machine with nine winning combinations. The symbols include golden bells, blue diamonds, single bars, double bars and triple bars and a 7 wild symbol. Jordan hit the jackpot when he spun three 7s for a 6,000 coin payout.

Rome online Casino asked Jordan what he was going to do with his winnings. “I just graduated from college, so I have a lot of loans to pay off,” he said. “But with the recession it’s been hard to find a good job. I think I’ll live off the money for a few months while I look for the perfect job. After all, now I can afford to do that. Once I land the job, I’ll put the rest of the money towards paying off my loans.”

Jordan is just one of the lucky winners at Rome online casino. Many lucky players have hit the jackpot at the site’s large array of online casino slots. The site’s slot machines are powered by Top Game and include a large number of exciting game options. Some of the most popular online slots at Rome include Bankroll Reload, Fandango’s, Fruit Slot, Red Chili Hunter, Black Diamond, Diablo, Ocean Fantasy and Wild Sevens. Rome also offers the exciting online casino games of blackjack, online roulette, keno, casino video poker and more.

Rome online casino also offers their players fantastic bonuses and promotions. Jordan was playing on the generous $5,000 online casino welcome bonus when he won. This great online casino bonus can be collected in the form of a 100% deposit bonus up to $1,000 on the first five deposits.

Rome online casino also has a number of other great bonuses including a special $3,000 slots bonus, 25% cash back on deposits for online blackjack, video poker and roulette, a referral bonus that earns players 15% of their friends’ deposits, and other special bonuses. These great online casino bonuses can be collected when you sign up at Rome Casino and make a deposit. Rome accepts deposits via Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club and a variety of e-wallets including Neteller, Moneybookers, Click2Pay, Use My Wallet, EcoCard and more.

Argentina To Regulate Online Gambling In A Hurry

Argentina is on the fast track to regulating online gambling and online casino games. They are following in the footsteps of a number of countries around the world who are have recently passed, or are in the process of passing, legislature to legalize online casino gaming.

The Presidential Cabinet Chief of Argentina, Anibal Fernandez, says that the government wants to regulate online gambling in order to curb illegal and unregulated offshore casino operators. However, it is rumored that Argentina isn’t turning to regulation of online casino gambling just to give Argentineans the option to play online casino gambling games “close to home”. Rather, the major impetus in online gambling regulation in Argentina seems to be soccer, or what the Argentineans refer to as “futbol!”

This past year, the Argentinean government took over the soccer television broadcast rights from the cable operators. Allowing Argentineans to bet on soccer games online is a great way to bring in revenue to pay to televise these games. This could account for the fact that within a year Argentina has made a drastic 180 chance from looking to ban online casinos and online gambling to wanting to legalize and regulate it as soon as possible. Anibal Fernandez said, “We’re working hard so this will become law within two or three months.” However, though they are trying to pass the legislation as quickly as possible, Fernandez also noted that it could take as long as two years until online casino gambling is legalized and regulated in Argentina.

Each time a new government decides to pass legislature to legalize and regulate online casino gambling it is a great step forward for the online casino industry as a whole. With each new bill that is passed, the rest of the world sees that Internet casinos can be regulated and run safely and effectively. Many online gamblers are playing at offshore-operated online casinos.

Turning control over to the government ensures responsible gaming and additionally, online casinos are turning out to be a great way for governments to earn extra money in tax revenue, which is especially important during the current economic crisis. Therefore, many countries are turning to regulating online casino gaming, giving gambling enthusiasts the opportunity to play games like casino blackjack, casino slots, roulette, craps, video poker and other online casino games.

If and when Argentina succeeds in regulating online gambling, it could have a domino effect on the rest of the world’s online gaming stance. Many church groups, live casinos and racetracks and bookies do not support online gambling.

However, there are still a number of other countries, including the United States, which are in the process of passing similar online casino legislation. United States lawmakers could use Argentina as a precedent for their own bills to regulate online gambling and wagering in online casinos, online poker rooms and other online gambling wagers.