Online Casino Slot Gamers Give The Online Casino The Thumbs-up!

The world of online casino gaming is already hugely popular – and with new casino legislation expected to relax the current gaming regulations, it’s likely to become one of the world’s biggest economies. Recent data suggests that the web is also increasingly becoming more popular than offline casino gaming, with more and more offline casino players scrapping their offline gaming in favour of the Internet. In fact, up to 70% of casino players would rather play slots online, than in a bar or casino.

Big factors in the affinity for online casino gaming appears to be multiple in nature – but top reasons include the ability to play online casino games from the home, coupled with no need to shell out for food and drinks from expensive casino venues. In addition, when it comes to casino slots, over 80% of casino gamers agree that online casino graphics are superior and more innovative than those offered by traditional casino slot machines. However, perhaps the real reason gamers are flooding to play online casinos, is the fact that 80% of gamers surveyed claimed to win more frequently in web casinos. One theory is that because gamers are under no pressure and can relax inside online casinos – they make much better gambling decisions.