Sales Of Blackjack Card Counter Hit The Roof

Just last week we reported how a nifty casino blackjack card counting software available on iPhone variations was hitting some of the world’s casinos hard. Now, in a further development and afterblackjack online-wp coverage on American media channel CNN, sales of the casino scourge has increased ten-fold. The software was created by Australian casino geek Travis Yates, and it’s reported to be available for download for less than £5 on the web! With casinos now running scared, the Nevada Gaming Control Board have even taken the precaution of warning Las Vegas casinos that this piece of smart technology is the real deal for casino punters.

Ironically, this warning has made gamers even more eager to try it out for themselves! The software creator Travis Yates is said to have created the software to ‘help people practice card counting and use it with friends at home’. According to Randall Sayre from the Nevada Gaming Board, the software makes casino blackjack card counting ‘easy’ and ‘accurate’. It’s not know whether the software can help online casino players count cards, but it could be worth a try – and there’s no chance that a web casino will be able to detect it, so it’s 100% legal.