8 Million Hippodrome Casino Dream

Is there any venue in London more famous for exotic, mind blowing night life than the infamous Hippodrome? For over 100 years the iconic venue has thrilled and entertained, complete with a massive 100,000 gallon water pool as its centre piece! Notoriously, it has even been the clubland of entrepreneur Peter Stringfellow. Although since October 2008, the venue has been filled by the incredible La Clique circus, plans are now in place to convert the building into a mega £8m casino – including a Gordan Ramsey eatery. United Leisure Gaming, have even fought off appeals from other casinos in London.

One key decision in giving the casino plans the go-ahead, is the company’s dedication to restoring the Hippodrome to feature many of the original features and allow the general public to see the building in its real magnificence. In addition, the Hippodrome Casino will specifically aim to attract the ‘softcore gambler’ – in other words the general public looking to spend under £50 gambling, and looking for a holistic night out and Vegas vibe. So, while the venue is set for a unique and totally new venture, it looks like the magic of the Hippodrome will be re-assuringly restored and maintained thanks to the construction of the UK’s most deluxe casino venue.