Ohio Man win Thousands In Rome Online Casino Jackpot

Online Casino News: Earlier this week when Kenny S. couldn’t sleep he went on the Web to play at Rome online casino. Little did he know he was in for one of the “sweetest surprises” of his life. Kenny hit the jackpot on the Sweets Surprise slot machine and won a whopping $74,629!

Sweets Surprise is one of the progressive online video slots at Rome Online Casino. The symbols on this casino slot machine include gorgeous ladies, “wild” boys, mouth-watering cupcakes, delectable pies, doughnuts and ice cream. “The funny thing” says Kenny, “is that I’m a diabetic!”

Kenny S. is from Akron, Ohio. He works in a family-owned diner with his brother, his wife and their son. According to Kenny, the family has “been wanting to renovate the diner for awhile and give it a new, fresh edge. Now we’ll have the funds we need to make the diner really something.” After the renovations, Kenny hopes to have enough left over in his online casino wins to take his family on a nice vacation as well.

When we talked to Kenny he was very excited about his win. “I only wish I had won on a slot that was a little more manly,” he joked. “Fandango’s or Red White Blue would have been a little more manly, but Sweets Surprise is my wife’s favorite so I decided to give it a go.” And lucky for him, his wife’s favorite was the online slot to pay out that night and Kenny joined the ranks of jackpot winners at Rome online casino .

Rome online casino is a Top Game online casino, relatively new to the world of online casino gaming but quickly growing in popularity. Top Game is a new gaming software developer that is gaining acclaim for its quick loading time, great game selection and phenomenal player experience. Top Game has created a number of progressive jackpots, including the Sweets Surprise casino slot machine, and players all over the US are trying their luck to see if they can take home the big bucks. Progressive online slots offered at Rome Casino include Berry Flavors, Crazy Pizza, Red White Blue, the Bingo Slot, Fandango’s, the Fruit Slot and Wild Sevens. Top Game also provides Rome Casino with a huge variety of non-progressive classic and video slots as well. The site also offers video poker games, keno, online blackjack and casino roulette games.

Players who want to hit the jackpot like Kenny S. from Akron, Ohio should note that in order to qualify for progressive jackpots the maximum bet must be wagered. Most of the progressive slots at Rome casino accept bets from 5 cents to $3 per line. In order to qualify for the big jackpot, $3 must be wagered. Rome accepts deposits for real money wagers via a variety of methods including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Neteller, eWallet Xpress, EcoCard, Use My Wallet, Diners Club, Moneybookers, Click to Pay, bank transfer and more.