Eig Casino Conference Scheduled For September 2009

The European i-Gaming Expo (EiG) is an annual conference in the i-Gaming arena, which has taken place each year for the last seven years. This year the conference is scheduled to be in Copenhagen from September 15 through September 17. It is the largest trade event in the world dedicated to online gaming and will be attended by the who’s who of online casino gaming.

In 2008, the EiG Expo was attended by more than 1500 people from more than 60 countries around the world. This year is expected to be even larger, as more and more countries are beginning to regulate and legalize online casino gambling. Attendees slated to attend include everyone from online casino operators to experts in online casino and gaming law, fraud, marketing, business development, casino and gaming payments, IT, regulation and more.

The EiG Expo is expected to cover a large variety of issues tied to i-Gaming and online casino gaming. On the first day, pioneers of i-Gaming will discuss the present and future of online casinos and online gaming and what sort of innovations we can expect from the future. One of the innovations presented will be a new form of online casino software slated to change the existing models of online casino gaming.

On the second day of the Expo, presentations will be split into three different topics. Attendees can choose between a variety of presentations on the subjects of acquiring and retaining new customers, legal issues in the world of online casino gaming, or the marketing aspects of operating an online casino, including the appropriate usage of social networks like Facebook and Twitter to market online gaming platforms.

Finally, on day three EiG Expo attendees will be able to choose from two different tracks. One track will discuss product differentiation in online casinos and gaming sites. It is no secret that casinos on the Web are becoming more and more similar. Most offer all the same games (i.e. casino blackjack, online roulette, craps, keno, video poker, and the same online casino slots) and many have similar themes and design. Some casinos have broken the mold with original themes, such as Rome Casino’s ancient Roman theme. However, a majority of online casinos are nearly identical to one another. The second track on day three will focus on new channels of delivery, such as mobile gaming and the mobile online casino experience.

The speakers list for the European i-Gaming Expo is made up of some of the most influential companies and people in the online casino software and gaming industry. Attendees should glean a lot from the speakers’ expertise. It will be interesting to see what sort of new innovation and ideas come from this year’s Expo, especially considering the fact that many countries around the globe are currently in the process of trying to legalize and regulate online casino gaming and online gambling.

Online Casinos Coming To British Columbia By 2010

Changes are afoot around the globe in the online casino industry. The British Columbia Lotteries Commission (BCLC) announced that they plan to provide online casino gambling by the year 2010. The BCLC currently offers online sports betting, lottery and horseracing bets. The addition of government regulated online casino gaming is a new and bold move and is the first of its kind in Canada, as well as the first in all of North America.

Michael Graydon, the President and CEO of the BCLC, announced the news in a recent press release. Graydon’s reasoning behind broadening the BCLC online gambling sites to include online casino games is that each year British Columbia loses millions of dollars in tax revenue to offshore casino operators. British Columbians gamble around $87 million on online casino games like online blackjack, casino craps, roulette, keno, video poker and online slot machines at offshore casinos. The BCLC is hoping to draw these players in so they can benefit from the taxes on this money. Graydon believes that British Columbians will prefer to spend their money at a site operated by the BCLC, not only because its close to home but also because of the trust associated with the BCLC brand.

When the BCLC expands their site to include online casino games it will signal a first in the online casino industry. This will be the first time in North America that a government will have a monopoly on online gambling. BCLC will have control over all forms of online gambling including casino games, horseracing, sports betting and the lottery. In accordance with the introduction of casino gambling games in 2010, British Columbia has also been rolling out a new responsible gaming program, which will include online and television messages.

Graydon’s press release did not mention whether or not the BCLC would support regulation of other online casino operators within British Columbia. However, Graydon did say that he has high hopes about the BCLC’s ability to thwart the competition. The BCLC runs one of the most successful gambling sites on the Web and the addition of online casino games is expected to boost their traffic.

If countries like France, Sweden, Estonia and even the United States are any indicator of the future then the BCLC won’t be able to monopolize the online casino industry in British Columbia for long. There seems to be a revolution in the world of online casino gambling in which governments around the globe are seeking to regulate online gambling and casino operators. Other British Columbian game operators could come into the picture, offering online blackjack or other table games, casino slots, and other gambling games, throwing the BCLC off their high horse. However, in the meantime the sheer fact that the British Columbia Lotteries Commission is expanding to offer casino games shows a huge step forward in the online casino industry.

Bookies In Casino Gambling Hit

The traditional offline bookmakers have already suffered from the web taking over as the core gambling niche. Now, it looks like their casino operations are going to take a hit, not from online casinos – but from the dreaded tax man! In a ‘jackpot crack down’, the government plan on raiding casino machines found in high street betting shops. This week’s budget is set to instantly re-coup the profits gained by the companies on the back of the recent 100-1 shock winner of the Grand National, Mon Mome. At the moment, in-shop casino machines are taxed at a rate of around £2100 per year.

Casino industry experts forecast the taxable rate may well be increased to 20% and thinks the government are looking at the casino machines like hawks. Unfortunately for the bookmaking industry, casino machines have been their main flow of profit since the web stole a huge chunk of its custom. Last year the big two, Ladbrokes and William Hill, between them made more than £500 million from in-shop casino machines. The average betting outlet is scooping around £2500 in profit per week from casino gaming machines, that’s a cool £125,000 with a tax rate of 7%. No wonder the government are set to take their share.

Casino Gaming Put Behind Bars!

Life behind bars can be a gamble – but for one set of sneaky prisoners, the daily grind became a hot bed of serious casino gambling. Recent reports have eliminated from Edinborough’s Saughton Prison, with details of a ‘Prison casino’ being shut down amidst stories of riots, big stakes and illegal gaming. According to prison sources, the casino gaming stared getting serious when prison officers agreed to supply banned casino equipment to the pleading cons – including green felt table covers and casino chips. Once they had their hands on the gaming accessories, the prisoners set-up secret high stakes gambling sessions, which are strictly prohibited behind bars.

According to prisoners, the tense prison atmosphere and real casino tables made it feel like a hardcore Vegas casino venue – no doubt with some characters who wouldn’t look out of place in the darkest down town gaming venues! When the coup was revealed, it led to a barrage of complaints from the church and council members. However, it’s not know exactly which officers helped supply inmates with the casino chips and felt tops, and the prison’s officials claim that any case of monetary gambling is always reported to the highest ranking bosses. However, prisoners claim that violence had been erupting for months as inmates gambled with cash and ‘luxury’ items such as cigarettes, illegal drugs, sweets and any other prized items. The Scottish Prison Service have banned and removed all casino gaming items except for cards – leaving the prison’s casino kings once again playing for match sticks.