World Wide Web Of Online Casinos

Online casinos certainly vary from one brand to another, and as such, this can be a harrowing experience for the newcomer now entering to this exploding industry. But fear not, there isn’t all that much to locating those online casinos that are best for you.

Your search doesn’t necessarily have to begin with whatever your favorite casino game is. Generally speaking, virtually all online casinos today offer extensive varieties of games and what you can expect are repertoires ranging anywhere from 50 to 150 and everything in between.

Game Varieties at Online Casinos

Online casinos typically feature vast selections of slot machine games. Take – for example -Casino Titan, a well-established site extremely popular with US players. Over 70 slot games are available as well as daily slot tournaments for those slot buffs who just can’t get enough. (Incidentally, Casino Titan also accepts US players from all 50 states. This cannot be said of all online casinos available to players in the USA.)

The other casino games available include a number of different Blackjack games, two roulette versions (both the American and European/French varieties), video poker, keno, baccarat, craps, bingo, and yup… loads more! Incidentally, Casino Titan also stands out from the hundreds of competing online casinos by offering all their new guests a free $7 chip to check out their site and play and bet with real money.

Online Casinos Giving Away Free Cash

No online casinos could possible compete today without offering its players free cash in what are commonly referred to as online casino bonuses. They generally all operate on the same premise, that is, the amount of money you deposit into your casino account is matched by the online casino you’re playing at by a certain percentage. These can range from anywhere between 100% to 400%. However, it’s critically important that you review the conditions under which these bonuses are offered. All online casinos require you to play and wager a certain amount of money to be eligible for a bonus. So be careful not to jump at the biggest match, as these are not necessarily the best.

Again Casino Titan is an excellent example of one of those online casinos that truly offer you more value for your money. In fact, your first four deposits can earn as much as $3,000 in extra free cash!

As you can now see, no one gambling site can be considered “the best” considering that, well, as the saying goes: different strokes for different folks. This certainly holds true for online casinos.

Talk Of Online Casinos Starting In Ireland

Legislation to legalize and regulate online casino gambling is in motion around the globe. New laws to make online casinos legal have been, or are in the process of being, passed in the UK, France, Spain, Argentina, Estonia, the United States and a variety of other countries. With all this legislation flying around, Ireland is starting to talk about getting in on the action.

Ireland has yet to jump into the online casino scene. A 1956 Gaming and Lotteries Act that bans casino businesses has prevented Ireland from setting up a network of online casinos or catering to Irish gamblers. However, many people are saying that this 1956 act is outdated. Ist was made a law over fifty years ago, before online casinos (or even the Internet) existed! Additionally, statistics show that if Ireland could take over a mere 5% of the online casino industry they could create 5,000 more jobs, each with a salary of over $55,000 per year.

David Hickson, one of the directors of the Gaming and Leisure Association, said that Ireland has a great opportunity to expand into the online casino sector. After all, the United Kingdom has recently created a new regulatory structure for online casinos. The UK structure has laid out rules for regulation as well as taxation of online casinos. Ireland would simply have to adjust these rules to fit their country’s own needs.
If Ireland is going to enter the online casino industry they need to do it now. France, Spain and other countries around the globe are currently making changes to their own gambling laws and online casino regulations. The time to act is now, according to Hickson. If Ireland waits it will lose its momentum.

Although Ireland isn’t home to a large number of online casinos, they are familiar with the industry. There is a popular software company based out of Dublin that provides software to a number of online casinos around the globe. This company provides a variety of casual and casino games including online blackjack, craps, baccarat, casino roulette, video poker, poker, online casino slot machines and more. With over 400 employees working in Dublin to provide new casino games, Ireland already has a piece of the industry. The question becomes whether or not they want to take their involvement in the world of online casino gaming further by passing legislation to legalize and regulate online gambling within Ireland.

It should be interesting to see what Ireland decides and how it impacts other countries that are deciding whether or not they want to pass similar legislation. In the United States, for instance, there are a number of bills on the table for the legislation of online casino gambling and skill games. As more and more countries enter into the industry it will be interesting to see which countries take control of the largest percentages of the market.

Online Casinos Publish New Online Casino Games

New online casino games are among the most effective methods to keep your customers coming back to the online casino and the Mainstreet group is among the finest when it relates online-casino-games-bcto this. 2 new casino games were just published by the online casinos presented by the Mainstreet – the slots King of Swing and Year of Fortune, which can be played at the online casinos; Slots Plus and Las Vegas USA. Do not forget that new players at any of the online casinos will obtain a bonus of up to $500, depending upon their 1st deposit amount.

The King of Swing arrives correctly on clock for the baseball fans. This baseball themed online slot is a 5-reel 25-liner and provides Free Games, which are activated once a Pitcher comes along anyplace on reel 1 with the Batter anyplace on reel 5. Then a pitcher and a batter are discovered on a baseball diamond. The batter will try to hit balls thrown by the pitcher and whenever the batter loses, a Strike is filed and 1 Free Game is granted. The top prize you are able to acquire at the online casino when playing this game is $4,000. The Year of Fortune video slot casino game, might give $88,888 – it provides Free Games which are triggered when 2 or 3 Golden Oxen come along, granting 1 or 18 free games, plus 8 free games are as well granted when 3 or more scatters come along. A cooccurring show of 2 Golden Oxen with 3 scatters grants 9 free games, not to mention that 88 pay-lines are played on free games.

These are both top new online casino slots and an amazing add-on to the already big choice of casino games at the online casinos named above. With the 2 new casino games, the new games made ready this calendar month at the online casinos have rose to 7 and the direction of the Mainstreet gambling company is telling that many more slot games are on it’s wayl. It’s important that the online casinos from the Mainstreet group do recognise the respect of adding fresh games to the casino package and players at any of the online casinos are enjoying one of the finest option of online slots and other casino games. Manoeuver to the Slots Plus online casino to try them out. all You can play casino games for fun or for real.