Online Casino Gamers To Become Reality Tv Stars

Rounders House is taking online casino gamers where they’ve never been before! The show, which is the first Online Poker Reality TV show in history, will bring top online poker players to Las Vegas to play poker for charity, receive instruction from pro poker players, win cash and other prizes, and become Reality TV stars.

Many online casino gamers, whether they play online poker, casino blackjack, roulette, craps, video poker, online slot machines or other gambling games, are used to playing quietly from the privacy of their own homes. If they win a jackpot or big ante they’ll have their names broadcast in print at the online casino or poker site. However, online casino and poker players have never received the recognition or fame that Rounders House is slated to bring.

The show will be broadcast live, twenty-four hours a day, during the first week of November. The Rounders House will have live cameras set up in every room of the house so that you can see what they are doing at all times. As top online poker players arrive at the Rounders House they will introduce themselves to viewers and will keep video blogs during their stay as they compete for bonuses and money for charity in daily poker challenges. Viewers can log-in online at any time to watch the players’ video blogs, read about them or see what they are doing live.

The very fact that they are making a reality television show about online poker shows just how popular online gambling has become. Every day more and more people sign up to play poker and other gambling games at online casinos for fun as well as for real money. The online casino industry is booming. Many players who once visited live casinos in towns like Vegas and Atlantic City are now turning to online casinos in order to save money on travel and accommodations. Additionally, many people are turning to online casino gambling and online poker as a means of increasing their bankroll and cash flow during the current worldwide economic crisis.

There has also been a recent trend in the legalization and regulation of online casino and gambling sites all over the world. In the United States, online casino regulation legislation has been introduced and is slated for discussion in the coming months.

Argentina, Estonia, Sweden, France and several other countries are also in the process of creating legislation for the regulation of online gambling. As governments around the world continue to regulate online casinos and gambling sites, online gambling is expected to become safer as more responsible gaming statutes are put into effect.

Rounders House is expected to bring even more hype to the world of online poker and, in turn, to online casino gaming. As online poker players are treated like stars, more and more gaming enthusiasts are expected to join the ranks of gamers playing online poker and casino games.

Make Your Own Online Slot Machine?

The concept of interactivity is al the rage among online casino gamers – with multi-player tournaments and interactive slot games particularly popular. However, software company Microgaming have taken the trend to cool new levels, with the launch of their innovative MySlot technology. The game, available at all the leading Microgaming powered web casinos, is a new concept in slot gaming, allowing players to designed and play their own slot machine!

The fully customizable software permits gamers to upload their own photos to create unique themes and graphics – there are now no boundaries when it comes to imaginative slots and the casino games you really crave. You can change the music, get rid of that sick colour scheme and make this a game you’d bite my hand off to play.

The standard slot games contains a basic 5 reel and 9 pay line design, and Microgaming expect it to be a smash hit in the casinos. The company’s Chief Exec, Roger Raatgever, has revealed the customizable slot is something that gamers have explicitly requested in their thousands, and now offers gamers the chance to ”sit in the designer driving seat and be the creator of their own slot destiny.”