Online Casino Gambler Rags-To-Riches Story

Another online casino gambler has had their dreams come true this weekend simply from playing the highly popular online slots game, Fortunes of Egypt. Nicknamed as “Sunshine-Muc”, the lucky player had placed only a €2.50 wager that night. Yet when the game started flashing and ringing, it became apparent that the major cash jackpot worth no less than an incredible €393,043 had been won!

The highly sought-after 3 reel online slots game, Fortunes of Egypt, is part of the exclusive games suite belonging to Boss Media. Sunshine-Muc had found and played it via the Casino Club online casino (, proudly owned by the Gaming VC Corporation. One executive from the online casino told reporters that a main reason behind the casino’s success is the ability to win big at any time from anywhere..

Boss Media is well known internationally as one of the most secure and technologically advanced online gambling software developers. Its guaranteed quick payouts, fair gambling standards and high levels of security have even won it several esteemed awards within the industry. Boss Media is also a subsidiary of the GTech Corporation, making it a sister company of Dynamite Idea, Finsoft and St. Minver. The major jackpot offered via the Fortunes of Egypt slots game is hit approximately once a week, with the average amount being an impressive €365,000.