Tories Turn To Bingo In Popularity Stakes

After a week of Labour slipping down the poles with the smear campaign – it looks like the party are taking desperate measure to boost their their appeal to the masses by playing bingo! According to one Mecca Bingo parlour, Foreign Secretary MP David Miliband turned up in South Shields after an invite from the company’s Chief Exec. The brand are involved with the ‘Save Our Bingo’ campaign which is fighting against unfair double taxation laws that’s threatening more and more offline bingo outlets.

The Foreign Secretary is apparently keen to look into the issue and even tried his hand at being a bingo caller (apparently it’s similar to shouting out in the House of Commons!). Luckily, his calls were well received, but the 15% VAT and 15% gross tax currently paid by bingo halls isn’t going down so week. With credit crunch hitting, community concerns like bingo’s offline decline could be a real vote winner – so don’t be surprised to see more MP’s popping up at your local bingo parlour. Maybe they should think about election cards with a bingo style lotto prize for the winning ticket – that should ensure a healthy turn-out and a bit of fun to boot!

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