Reel Riot Online Casino Game Released

Slotland has released yet another online casino slot game, this time the long awaited Reel Riot single payline casino slot machine. The site is currently celebrating the release with two exclusive promotions running between the 10th and 16th of August, making the game even more attractive to players.

The Reel Riot slot casino game boasts the look of a classic slot machine and the functions of today’s most advanced video slots. For example, the graphics are highly sophisticated and the machine itself is covered with a leopard print pattern. It also has a double wild bonus symbol as well as the option to hold any one of the reels in the following spin, making it suited to players who like to adopt slots strategy. Finally, the Reel Riot has a bonus round jam-packed with multipliers which can be accessed by spinning up three of the double wild bonus symbols.

According to’s Ondrej Tuma, whilst multi-payline games allow players to increase the stakes of their game, many players remain satisfied with the traditional single payline, particularly if it includes strategy-related functions such as hold.

On of the great new promotions being offered alongside the game in celebration is the Big Spinner Promotion. The Big Spinner is basically a contest to see who can place the highest amount of total bets on the Reel Riot between the promotion dates (August 10-16). The player who places the most will be awarded a cash prize worth the total of all those bets combined. Furthermore,’s “Triple Luck” promo will award the player with the 3rd largest payout on the game three times the winnings.

For other exciting single line slots games, be sure to check out Prestige Casino and Joyland Casino, who each offer a range of diverse slots and attractive bonuses to accompany them.

Author: Francis Starks

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