Poker In The Park Comes Back To London

This August any Poker fan will want to head to Leicester Square in London to learn from the games top professionals at the long awaited Poker in the Park III.

Poker in the Park has been running for the past two years, and this year the third event will take place from five in the afternoon until nine thirty at night on August the 13th and on August the 14th from noon until nine thirty in the evening.

The event is Europe’s biggest annual poker festival and this year it will feature the professional players Paul Jackson and Neil Channing. Each of them will be giving a free 45-minute lecture delivering their personal insights into the world of poker to the 10,000 people expected to show up. There will also be a question and answer session as well as a chance to get their autographs.

Poker in the Park III is being organised by the leading poker publication Bluff Europe. There will be a number of other professional players there such as Nick Persaud, Ian Frazer, Kara Scott, Tom Sambrook and Nick Wealthall.

Michael Caselli, Editor-In-Chief for Bluff Europe said that, “Bluff Europe has continued to have great relationships with many of the top poker pros in Europe. We’re really pleased to welcome a few new stars to Poker in the Park as well as welcome back the pros that joined us last year. Combined, the breath of their poker knowledge is priceless.”

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