Paris Hilton Head-to-head Against Mike Sexton

Paris Hilton is a glamorous, high class and ambitious Hollywood socialite that has been gracing our magazine covers and internet screens for years. Way back in 2006, news reports announced to the public that Paris had unfortunately lost her Bentley Continental GT car in a high stakes poker game. Shortly after the incident was published, she was contacted by with an offer to partake in a poker tournament that would win her back the same car. Paris refused the offer.

Yet three years later in 2009, PartyPoker has again offered Paris the chance to win her a Bentley simply by winning a poker game. This time the rules include beating poker professional Mike Sexton in a heads-up poker match between the two of them.

According to one of the PartyPoker spokesmen, Paris may be lucky in life yet since losing her Bentley, she just may not be that lucky when it comes to cars. He is confident that if she were to agree, Sexton would easily defeat her. In fact, Party Poker is so confident in his skills that they “challenge her” to take up their offer.

Paris has also been challenged for a poker match by Clonie Gowen shortly after PartyPoker’s original offer was made, yet to date she has denied them all. She may have been leading the Simple Life for a few months, yet this offer is more than simple, and an opportunity that others would surely jump at.

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Author: Jeff Martinez

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