Neues Online Casino mit 60 Spielen

Neues online casino mit 60 spielen, in 3 Währungen und dem größten Ersteinzahlungsbonus überhaupt.
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Das SuproCasino ist ein neues Online Casino, das ein modernes Aussehen und Feeling vermittelt. SuproCasino gehört zu der 888 Familie der Online Casinos und verwendet die gleiche preisgekrönte Software, für die auch 888 bekannt ist.

Zusätzlich stellt das neue Online Casino SuproCasino den Spielern über 60 verschiedene Spiele zur Verfügung, aus denen die Spieler auswählen können. Das Casino unterstützt drei verschiedene Währungen. Die unterstützten Währungen sind Dollars, Euros und Pfund. Doch diese Funktionen sind nichts Ungewöhnliches in der Welt der Online Casinos. Das außergewöhnliche Angebot, das dieses neue Casino anbietet, um neue Kunden zu gewinnen, liegt in dem unvergleichlichen Ersteinzahlungsbonus, der wahrhaftig so manchen Spieler verführen kann.

SuproCasino bietet zurzeit den besten Ersteinzahlungsbonus in der Branche an. Bei diesem Bonus handelt es sich um einen Bonus von 100% in der Höhe von bis zu 1.200 $/€/£! Natürlich gelten für diesen Bonus die üblichen Umsatzbedingungen. Spieler müssen einen bestimmten Betrag setzen, damit der Bonus freigegeben wird und bestimmte Spiele mit niedrigem Hausanteil, wie beispielsweise Blackjack und Craps gelten nicht für diese Umsatzbedingungen.

Dieser massive Bonus, den das Online Casino SuproCasino anbietet, gibt den Spielern bessere Quoten, wenn sie spielen. SuproCasino bietet derzeit einen der niedrigsten Hausanteile in der Branche an und dieser Ersteinzahlungsbonus in der Höhe von 1.200 $ kann den Spielern noch weitere Chancen auf einen Gewinn bieten.

Im Großen und Ganzen ist das SuproCasino ein sicheres Online Casino, hinter dem einer der größten Namen in dieser Branche steht. Spieler, die diesen großzügigen Ersteinzahlungsbonus nutzen möchten, sollten schon bald bei SuproCasino einzahlen, denn die Wahrscheinlichkeit ist groß, dass ein Bonus in dieser Größenordnung nur so lange aktiv ist, bis der Bekanntheitsgrad des neuen Casinos gestiegen ist.

Gute Bonusse finden Sie natürlich auch in den altbekannten Casinos, wie beispielsweise im WilliamHill oder EuroGrand Casino.

Big Names to attend Poker Festival

Like all great pastimes, poker too enjoys a healthy festival culture, and this year’s Poker in the Park event is even morePoker promising than ever. Scheduled to take place on August 13th from 5-9.30pm at Leicester Square, London, this will be the third year that Poker in the Park is happening, and a range of notable industry figures have already confirmed their arrival.

One of the big names booked for this anticipated event is Derek Kelly, founder of the Voodoo Card Club that only recently hit Ireland, and also of London’s well known Gutshot Club. Kelly is booked as one of the festival’s speakers, and will present a 30 minute class on the development of the poker industry in Ireland and the UK, as well as giving an introductory talk on the history of poker to those who are less familiar with it. His long history of participation in the industry is perfect for the role, especially since he released his long-awaited book, “Tales of a Degenerate Poker player,” which he will be signing copies of when there.

Other major names to hit the poker tables at this event will include Ian Frazer, Neil Channing, Kara Scott, Paul Jackson and Nick Persaud, who will all be signing autographs and interacting with the audience. Many of the people arriving will come specifically to obtain a piece of the personal insight on poker that these industry professionals are willing to share.

This unique two day event is expected to attract approximately 15,000 poker lovers. Yet if you are one of the few million who will not be able to make it out to London to take part in the festival, then it is recommended you play one of the best games available at William Hill Poker.

Online Roulette is Still a Popular Casino Game

In Vegas the roulette table, is one of the most magnificent sights, on a night out, but the online roulette game has developed a cult following on the web too. The combination of cool betting options, strategic gaming and sheer instant, graphically rich playability makes it a hard one to beat in terms of all-round appeal. However, the key to online roulette is thinking about the range of odds and the probability and chance of them winning.

The famous roulette bets

Odd, Even, Red, Black, 1-18, 19-36: 1 to 1
1 to 12, 13-24, 25-36: 2 to 1 6 numbers: 5 to 1
0, 00, 1, 2, 3 combos: 6 to 1
4 number combs: 8 to 1
3 number combos: 11 to 1
2 number combos: 17 to 1
1 number: 35 to 1

Now, many online roulette gamers attempt to place strategic bets by looking for patterns and betting ‘with’ or alternatively ‘against’ the table’s flow.

Take a look at a few examples:

With the flow:

> Bet on the same colour on the next spin after two consecutive red/black spins> Bet on the low dozen section after 2 winning low sections
> Bet on even numbers after 3 in a row

Against the flow:

> Bet the other color after 3 spins of the same colour> Bet on the high section after 5 spins without it winning
> Bet on evens after a run of odd numbers

The main question is either of these approaches is right one? Well, primarily the odds of every potential outcome do not change after each spin; for example, even after a run of 4 winning reds, its statistical chance do not change (meaning in theory there is no edge in betting with or against the table). However, logically you can argue against this ‘fact’ – because patterns do seem to emerge in online roulette. The ‘best bet’ (pardon the pun) is to start playing the game, experiment and monitor the results.

New Online Casino Slots Tournament – Largest Ever!

In only another three months, online casino history will be made; the world’s largest ever online casino slots Online Casino Slotstournament will take place, guaranteeing a first place prize worth no less than €1,000,000!

To be called “The Grand Slam of Slots”, the online casino slots tournament will be played on the highly popular Lara Croft Tomb Raider game, available at The slot machine has 5 reels, 15 paylines, wild symbols, free spins, scatters and a bonus round. There will be in excess of 400 players taking part in this tournament, and the overall prize pool up for grabs will be €1,407,300. is offering a variety of ways in which players can get access into this sought-after event. One such way is be competing in the Feeless Friday tournaments, whereby players compete in weekly tournaments throughout July for the chance to win a guaranteed $500 and free entry into the record-breaking Grand Slam of Slots tourney.

Another means by which players can win their way into the Grand Slam of Slots is via the $250 guaranteed tournaments taking place at the site each Tuesday. Each deposit placed in this tournament will be able to win 1 tournament seat at the Grand Slam of Slots if drawn.

According to’s Ben C, the Grand Slam of Slots is special because it is an exclusive event whereby there is no buy-in but invites only, and as such, also a range of promotional offers prior to the big event.

Yet players don’t have to wait for record-breaking sums in order to compete in a worthwhile online slot tournament. Websites Joyland Online Casino and Online Casino 32Vegas each offer state-of-the-art slot games along with attractive guaranteed and progressive jackpots on offer, for which there are several major winners each month. For US players go to to find the best slot offers.

New Online Bingo Games Soon Launching

One of the internet’s largest online bingo software developing companies, Virtue Fusion, has announce the release of three innovative new online bingo games; Arabian Delights, Beat the Banker and Beach side Bonanza. Each of the new games, based on sizzling hot Summer themes, will not only employ the latest in scratch card technology, but will also be hooked up to exclusive progressive jackpots.

The three new bingo games are scheduled to be launched on July 21st and July 28th, and according to the CEO of Virtue Fusion, Bob McCulloch, the move was planned as a means by which to stay ahead of other industry rivals. McCulloch also explicated that the goal behind their being linked up to exclusive progressive jackpots and boasting scratch cards is to ensure the products’ longevity in the market.

Furthermore, the customer site retention is expected to progress well should the games maintain a long life in the market. This is because the use of progressive jackpots will create much larger progressive jackpots over time as a result. The three games will also each be linked to the same progressive jackpots specifically for advancing this purpose.

In order to win the big bucks, players will have to match up any of the three symbols and bet anywhere between 20 pence and two pounds. However, the maximum will have to be staked in order to win 100% of the progressive jackpot – any less will earn only a percentage of it depending on how much was spent by the player. For example, the minimum of 20 pence is worth 10% of the progressive jackpot.

Until the release of these games, players can enjoy the best in online bingo at William Hill Bingo, featuring all the most popular games, wide-ranging stakes, impressive jackpots and an unbeatable community feel.