Online Sportsbetting Odds For English Football Championship As Good As In The Casino

The football season in England will commence this weekend with the first game already in place. And for all those interested in getting in some last minute bets, the current odds are all here for the taking…

According to industry experts, the clubs that are currently favorites for ascending into the Premiership include Newcastle, West Bromwich Albion and Middlesbrough. On the other side of the spectrum, the teams which are expected to transition over to the Coca Cola League One are Barnsley, Scunthorpe and Blackpool.

The first match of the season will see Scunthorpe take on Cardiff City in a tough battle from which Cardiff City are expected to triumph. Scunthorpe’s odds for the game according to Betfair are 32/21, whilst at Ladbrokes they are 7/4.

Unlike Cardiff City, Blackpool have had a rough game in previous seasons, and are one of the favorites for relegation back to the Coca Cola League One, with odds of 17/10 available at, 7/4 at, and 15/8 at

As for the Queens Park Rangers, they too are expected to relegate to the Coca Cola League One, and have odds of 9/4 at most major online sportsbetting websites, including,,,, and

Barnsley are also highly promising this season for relegation to the Coca Cola League One, yet their odds range significantly across the different sites. At and , they have odds of 7/4. At they are 17/11, at they are 15.8, and they are 2/1 at,,,m and

To place bets on other teams in the Championship, or on other sports and in places all around the world, visit the William Hill Sports website, which offers a diverse variety of sports and unbeatable odds too.

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