Online Slot Contests Battle Going On In The Online Slots World

There’s a bit of a battle going on in the online slot world – as the classic slot machines are rivaled for supremacy by the concept of slot contests. Well, in reality it’s not so much of a battle since both gaming niches remain red hot – but check out the advantages of each online slot genre….

Normal slots

While many gaming concepts try to imitate slot machines – the classic gaming format remains the king of the gaming world. No other niche can offer spins which can payout multi-millions, and with hundreds of themed slots to choose from, the number of options speak for themselves. When playing online slot machines, you can play in whichever way suits your style and mood – ranging from 0.01 spins, to slow chilled-out big money spins over 10.00.

Slot contests

Online slot contests are played on the same high quality slot machines as classic slots, such as Microgaming’s latest Grand Slam of Slot contest which used Tomb Raider Secret of the Sword as its flag-ship machine. Therefore, the gaming quality remains top notch.

The main advantage of online slot contests is the fact that the competitions have a set ticket cost – meaning you get thousands of spins on a low session budget and you know your risk before you play. Naturally, the thrill of multi-player contest gaming is the big intrinsic draw of slot competitions.

The main downside to online slot contests is the potential to hit a nice winning combo but not win a cash payout at the end of the contest (for example, you could potentially have a good session but still not make it to a winning position on the leader board). However, slot contest rewards are sky rocketing, with Microgaming’s Grand Slam of Slots offering a guaranteed 1 Million Euro jackpot, plus nearly 500 payout levels.

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