Online Casinos Stealing Atlantic City’s Thunder?

A steep decline in the recent earnings of Atlantic City casinos has some observers declaring that online casinos are us-online-casino-roslowly creeping in to steal this once thriving gambling resort’s thunder.

In July of this year, earnings reports showed that Atlantic City casinos on the whole sustained a drop in profits of 13 percent since July of 2008. This sharp decline has everybody asking, could online casinos be the culprits? Have New Jersey players found a new home playing casino games from the comfort of their own homes?

In recent years Atlantic City has received a lot of flack for the decline in its physical situation and the treatment of its patrons. Many casinos have been forced to cut staff and, as a result, customer service and hotel and resort maintenance have suffered. The Trump Marina was recently cited for solving a leakage problem by placing potted plants under the dripping water. The Tropicana was sited for similar claims to the point that the resort lost its license.

Another issue for many Atlantic City patrons has been the issue of smoking laws. Many smoking patrons were turned off by a sudden change in the smoking policy over the winter in which smoking was banned from many casino areas. Though smoking is once again permitted it may only remain legal for a short while. Many gambling enthusiasts have solved the issue by playing in online casinos from home, where they determine their own smoking rules.

Neighboring states have opened casinos as well, introducing competition that has some players considering the benefits of playing closer to their homes. However, it seems that many former Atlantic City players are choosing online casinos over live ones entirely. Long-time Atlantic City insider Peter Redding makes a good point when asking, “What is closer to home, with the amenities and smoking rules a player chooses, than home?” As players are discovering that they can save costs on transportation and rooming, more and more long-time Atlantic City gamblers are flocking to online casinos.

Redding continues to say that “We know online gambling pays at a better rate, allows strapped consumers to play low-cost games, and in every way favors consumers hit by the recession who see their dollar not getting much in return at aging Atlantic City properties. Players wanting to enjoy gaming on a budget naturally would gravitate to online casinos.”

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