Online Casino Slot Contests

Online Casino slot machine contests have become one of the top ranked online casino options of 2009 – offering gamers a unique chance to power-up their gaming with multi-players 3-online-casino-slots-cpcompetitions. However, you’ll need to be ‘on the button’ (quite literally) to win. Check out some of the key tips for success.

How to play online casino slot contests?

Entering online casino slot comps is easy – just locate a competition, click enter and pay the fixed-fee entrance money…..then sit back and get ready! Essentially, instead of gaming against the machine so to speak, your task is to rack-up a high score that beats your opponents (which can range from 10 gamers to hundreds!). So, striking winning combos results in a score rather than initial payout. At the end of the timed contest, the winning gamers take a share of the prize pool. Online casino slot contests give you a set number of starting spins and a pre-defined time limit to spin and score.

Slot contest tips

Like all online casino slot gaming variations, winning contests requires a large element of good fortune. However, it can also come down to playing smart.

Become proficient as firing out the spins and clicking to spin as fast as possible. It can be tough to use all your spins but fast gamers can end-up placing many more spins than the more relaxed player.

Make fast decisions when it comes to using bonus features like split screen picks, bonus trail options and holds and nudges.

Don’t pay too much attention to the leader board – it will just slow you down
Develop your own strategies and don’t be afraid to have some fun trying them out

Played on some of the coolest video slot machines on the web, online casino slot contests are one of the best value form of entertainment out there. Because you know your costs before you play, it’s also easy to budget. What’s more, there’s now some serious jackpot money on offer in the large tournaments.

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