Online Casino – Kung Fu your way to glory in Ultimate Fighters!

We’re always on the look out for fun casino games that raise the standards and keep online gaming engaging and refreshing. Whether it be outstanding graphics, extraordinary prizes and payouts, or simply a unique concept – there are a host of exceptional slots, blackjack and other favorites out there which give that little something extra.

Here we check out a Playtech classic –Ultimate Fighters!
If you’re old enough to remember life before ‘PlayStation’, then you’ll love this old school, martial arts style game.

The theme of Ultimate Fighters is “the ultimate martial art fighters”, and the fantastic graphics are accompanied by cool Kung Fu sound effects! You’d be forgiven for momentarily thinking you were on the video game consol rather than at a casino!

Ultimate Fighters is an 8-Line video slot machine. Following in the footsteps of popular Slot machines such as Gold Rally, Vacation Station and Chinese Kitchen, Ultimate Fighters not only has cutting edge lively graphics on an 8-line reel, but also has fun bonus rounds, giving the player extra chances to win.

To maximize the players’ enjoyment, the game is filled with quirky features. Scatter symbols offer additional win options. Three Buddha symbols on a pay line activate a bonus round where the player engages in a three round face-to-face “fight” of rock, paper scissors. In each round the result – win, tie or lose – determines the multiplication executed on the line bet, with the multipliers being 8, 4 or 2 respectively.

It’s easy to master, fun to play and has the big payouts that we all love. A definite must for lovers of slots as well as Kung Fu fans alike!

Where can you play Ultimate Fighters? Check out Casino Bellini, Vegas Red or Europa Casino.

Author: Normand Root

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