London Open Backgammon Championship Winner Crowned

The London Open Backgammon Championship reached its grand finale last Sunday, and the ultimate winner has been determined and crowned. German Backgammon player Uli Kock, was awarded the title and winner’s jackpot prize after defeating Julian Fetterlein in an impressive world class game.

The London Open Backgammon Championship attracted players from all ends of the world, including the United States, the UK, Europe and Japan. With 56 Backgammon battles scheduled, the players went head to head on the board overlooking the River Thames and some of London’s most well known sites. This was all alongside a smaller tournament that took place simultaneously for intermediate and casual players, for which the total prize pool was more than £12,000.

Koch began playing Backgammon more than 30 years ago, and has since grown to become one of the most successful and recognized Backgammon players in the world. Fetterlein, too, has become a household name in the Backgammon industry, and both competitors had to battle out a series of rounds before making it to the grand final, where they definitely put on a god show!

According to the London Director of Events for Backgammon, Mike Dain, the weekend of the tournament was comprised or high quality play, breathtaking views and memorable experiences. He wishes all the participants in the tournament a congratulations and warm thank you. He further thanked the London Open Backgammon Championship official sponsors, one of the internet’s largest online gaming community websites, who widely contributed to the event’s success.

Author: Jeff Martinez

Staff Writer/Online Casino Reviewer

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