Joaquin Phoenix – Actor, Musician, Slot Machine

Last year Joaquin Phoenix shocked Hollywood and the acting community when he retired from film and began a new career as a hip hop artist. Now, perhaps even more to everyone’s surprise he can also be seen at an online casino.

If you are a slots fan Joaquin’s image can be found at Casino Tropez in their new 25 line slots game Gladiator.

His career change to music was unexpected enough; the aspiring rapper shocked both the musical community and his fellow actors when he suddenly changed profession last year and this latest change to casino’s is probably even more unexpected.

However, the slots machine game which uses his image is paying tributes to the 5 time Oscar winning film Gladiator which he starred in. The game features symbols from the film and if you are lucky enough to hit a big pay line unique mini-film excerpts are played showing Joaquin at his best when he played the terrifying Emperor Commodus.

The game features an exciting bonus round; if you qualify for it you will find yourself travelling along the winding corridors to the main arena with the gladiators as your companions.

The game features two different bonus levels and a Gamble option which gives players the chance to double their winnings, combine this with Tropez’s welcome bonus of up to €3000 and you could find yourself winning big money.

The Gladiator slot game is just the latest in many exciting novel slot games which feature in many online casinos. Why not try out some other novel slots, visit EuroGrand Casino which features an excellent range of both classic and video slots which is sure to satisfy and slots fan.

Author: Francis Starks

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