Great Offline Casino Gets Thumbs-up

Great Yarmouth looks to be leading the way in the offline casino revolution that’s been in the pipeline for years in the UK. Although there have been doubts about many of the planned casino venues up and down the country, latest reports suggest that Great Yarmouth District Council has given the green light to build a 250,000 square foot leisure dome on the famous sea front location.

Apparently the casino and leisure project will be named ‘The Edge’ – and developed by the aptly named company, Pleasure and Leisure! The venue will host a 250,000 square foot building, designed by leading architects Collado Collins, and it’s set to stretch along half a kilometre of the Golden Mile sea front. While the casino will be the site’s centre piece, it’s going way beyond a normal casino – with a huge casino, 10 cinema screens, a bowling alley, shopping outlets and multiple eateries. Apparently, although the complex will have a modernistic, cutting-edge design, it will also be in-keeping with Yarmouth’s classic Victorian terraced housing and hotels. The plans are in place to start building in 2009 – however, the funding for the project hasn’t been revealed, so fingers crossed the cash is secured!

Author: Normand Root

Independent Reporters

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