France Meets Eu Concerns With Changes To Online Casino Rules

In recent months more and more European countries have begun working on legislation for the legalization and regulation of online casinos and gambling sites. However, all online casino legislation must be approved by the European Union and they are not making it easy. The European Union is taking the job of making online casinos in Europe safe and secure for online gamblers and, as a result, many European nations are having a hard time having their legislation sanctioned. France is one country that has been working hard in recent months to get approval from the EU.

The European Union told France that there were issues with their online casino legislation and last week France announced that they are addressing these issues. One of the primary issues that the European Union had with France’s original legislation was that it required online casino operators, even offshore ones, to have a physical base located in France. Such provisions, in the eyes of the European Union, give a competitive advantage to domestic online casinos based in France. The EU’s goal is to avoid monopolies in the online casino arena. In the new proposal France has dropped this requirement.

The issue of monopoly has been one of the main areas of contention in the online gambling industry in Europe. Many European countries are trying to protect their own domestic interests by monopolizing their online casino markets. This has been one of the primary issues with legislation proposed by a large portion of the countries turning to the EU for approval for online casino gaming laws. The EU is looking for laws and restraints that have the interest of the consumer in mind, rather than the interest of the country.
The European Union’s name says it all—they represent a uniting of all European countries. Therefore, they are leaning towards laws that open the doors for outside countries to operate casinos. For instance, Italian online casino operators should be allowed to offer casino games like online roulette, casino craps, slots, blackjack, video poker and other gambling games within France if they meet the requirements designed to safeguard the interests of French online gamblers.

European nations like France could lead the way for legislation in the United States. Though there are reputable online casinos that operate in the US, such as Rome Casino online, online gambling is still a subject of contention. There is legislation on the table for the regulation of online gambling, including New Jersey Senator Menendez’s online poker bill and House Representative Barney Frank’s online casino bill. France’s new rules may influence the future of online gambling in the United States as well as Europe.

French officials stressed that the new online casino rules will not go into effect immediately and until they do the current laws will be strictly enforced as always. However, they expect that the new regulations will go into effect as early as spring of 2010.

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