Gambling Expert Says Online Casino Ban Won’t Help Problem Gambling

Many people who oppose online casino gambling say that online casinos feed the addictions of problem gamblers. They say that people who have issues with spending more money than they can afford to lose in online casinos would not have an issue if online casinos did not exist. However, Carol O’Hare, who is the executive director of the Nevada Council on Problem Gambling, says that a ban on online casinos and Internet gambling is far from the best means of dealing with people with gambling problems.

What does O’Hare recommend for problem gambling? She says that education and treatment is far more effective than banning online casino games. She says, “problem gambling is not going away because somebody puts it in a corner or puts the casino too far out of town so that we won’t drive there or take it off the Internet.” Just as alcoholics managed to find alcohol during the years of prohibition, problem gamblers will find a way to gamble their money whether or not online casinos exist.

O’Hare said that as the years pass, the percentage of people who have gambling issues and addictions continues to remain constant. This takes into consideration statistics before and after the introduction of online casinos. Mental health specialists believe that problem gambling stems from the same roots as other substance abuse issues and these people will manage to find a place to gamble no matter what. What they need is regulation and help.

Many online casinos set limits that allow players to only deposit a certain dollar amount per day, per week or per month. Other casinos allow players to set these limits for themselves. For instance, a player may set a limit for himself of $100 a day on online casino slots. Once this limit has been met, the software will not allow them to bet any more. These limits can be set for all sorts of online casino games including online blackjack, casino craps, roulette, video poker and more. Many online gaming sites, like Rome Casino, also have links to Gamblers Annonymous and other self-help tests, websites and services.

Carol O’Hare’s statements, that a ban on online casinos is not the answer to preventing the spread of problem gambling, came as a blow to supporters of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) and others looking to pass a full ban on online gambling. These anti-gambling groups, including churches and religious leaders, have used problem gambling as one of their main arguments against casino gambling on the Internet. In fact, problem gambling is one of the main arguments against legislation for the legalization of online gambling.

There are several bills on the table at the moment that may lead to a boom in the United States online gaming industry. O’Hare’s statements serve to bolster current legislation that is in the works to legalize and regulate online gambling and online casinos in the United States.

Casino Stocks On The Rise

On Friday the stocks of major operators in the casino industry rose, surprising many analysts who have looked on as live casinos in Atlantic City and Las Vegas have suffered over recent months. However, the rise wasn’t due to a boom in Las Vegas casino revenues. The rise in stock prices can be attributed to Macau, the Chinese gambling hotspot.

One of the world’s foremost gambling hubs, Macau is known as the “Monte Carlo of the Orient.” Over the past year it has been home to a host of gambling and casino related events including the Asian Poker Tour and other events hosted by online casino and online poker sites. Macau is home to twenty-eight casinos, which are government-franchised and regulated. The most popular game in Macau casinos is casino baccarat and other popular games include roulette, casino blackjack, keno, Sic bo and Fan-Tan.

As the Macau casino industry grows, so do homeland casino operators with real estate in Macau. Las Vegas Sands, for instance, has projects underway in both Singapore and Macau so even if they aren’t showing huge profits in Las Vegas they can make up for it with big casino profits in the Far East.

Analyst David Bain, of Sterne, Agee & Leach, says that now is the time to buy. Growth in the casino industry, thanks to Macau, will be too big to ignore. Analyst Rachael Rothman, of Wedbush Morgan, raised her revenue expectations for Las Vegas Sands, as well as Wynn Resorts as well.

Macau isn’t the only place where the casino industry is booming. Online casinos are also doing well, especially considering the economic situation. Many players that once visited the live casino cities of Las Vegas and Atlantic City have now found a home online.

Giochi Live in Europa Casino Online

Nei casino online, gli standard e la qualità dei gioco sono in continuo miglioramento, così come la selezione di opzioni di gioco a disposizione. Per i giocatori che sentono la mancanza del ‘tocco umano’ dei casino tradizionali, i ‘giochi dal vivo’ all’interno di un casinò online rappresentano una scelta fantastica, che permette loro di goderesi tutti i vantaggi del gioco dalla comodità di casa senza dover rinunciare a quell’interazione che è invece tipica dei casinò reali.

I giochi dal vivo non si trovano in tutti i casino online e variano ampiamente in quanto a qualità, a seconda dalla destinazione di gioco scelta. I fattori da considerare quando si cercano dei giochi dal vivo di massima qualità sono, oltre al tipo di software disponibile, anche la qualità e l’esperienza dei croupier. Europa Casino online e Tropez Casino online, case di gioco leader nel settore online, hanno riconosciuto la crescente domanda per i giochi dal vivo e hanno rilanciato di recente i loro live games. I loro nuovi croupier dal vivo provengono da un’azienda europea altamente qualificata e offrono ai giocatori quei brividi e quella raffinetezza che si possono trovare solo nei casinò tradizionali del Vecchio Continente. Insieme al rinomato software Playtech, la qualità di questi giochi non teme confronti nel settore.

Europa Casino online e Tropez Casino online offrono Roulette dal vivo, Blackjack dal vivo e Baccarat dal vivo. I giocatori interagiscono con i croupier direttamente tramite un live video feed. Non solo puoi interagire con i dealer, ma anche con gli altri giocatori presenti al tuo tavolo, nell’ambito di un’esperienza di gioco assolutamente unica e disponibile solo a Europa Casino e Casino Tropez.

Internet Gambling Monopoly Justified By European Court

The European Court of Justice has ruled that a country has the power to restrict private operators from entering the sphere of online casino gaming and Internet gambling, in a decision that came as a shock to many. The decision, which declared that private operators can be banned from the online casino and gambling arena in order to protect and safeguard the interests of a country’s citizens, gave direct justification for the upholding of the current online gambling and lottery monopoly in Portugal.

The case that was brought to court was not connected to online casino gambling directly. However, the repercussions could have a strong effect on the way the online casino industry is run in Europe. The case related to a dispute between Austrian online casino giant bwin and the gambling and lottery monopoly in Portugal. Liga, a Portuguese soccer club, is sponsored by bwin and so bwin’s online casino advertisements were placed on the uniforms of Liga players, as well as on Liga’s websites. The Portuguese charity that held monopoly rights to online casino gambling and the lottery accused bwin of infringing upon their space and their position as a monopoly and, therefore, fined bwin as well as Liga.

Furthermore, the case was brought to the highest court in Europe, the European Court of Justice, who ruled that the government has the right to bar foreign online casino operators in order to combat fraud and other unsafe practices. In the case of bwin vs. Portugal’s gambling monopoly, the court ruled that this ruling applied because, in the court’s opinion, gambling involves a high risk of fraud, criminal behavior and unsafe practices. It should be noted that bwin is a highly reputable online casino gaming group that puts security in high regard and has said that commercial casino operators can combat fraud on their own as well—not only governments. However the court disagreed and, in short, gave permission to Portugal to maintain their government monopoly on online casino games and lottery and get bwin out of the picture.

This news is a surprise, especially in light of recent efforts across Europe to move away from monopolies in the online casino and gambling industry. For instance, Denmark just passed legislation in order to dissipate the Danish monopoly Dansk Spil and allow other online casino operators to compete. Other countries all around Europe and the rest of the world have been in the process of passing new legislation to regulate the online casino industry and find means of allowing offshore casino operators to enter the equation. With these new developments, who knows what will happen. Perhaps Dansk Spil will try to regain their monopoly and other countries around Europe and the world will put a halt on their online casino regulation legislation. What effect will this have on the online casino industry? All we can do is wait and see.

Atlantic City Profits Continue To Drop In August

Atlantic City casino resorts, once jam-packed year round, have seen a large decline in profits over the last several months. August was no different. The month of August is usually the busiest month of the year for Atlantic City casinos. However, this past month saw a revenue decline of over 16% from August of 2008, just a year ago. This 16% in profits isn’t trivial—it accounts for a loss of more than 2.5 billion dollars in casino profits for the city.

Atlantic City is home to eleven casinos and every single one of them reported a decline in profits in August. The Tropicana Casino resort reported a decline of 6.9%, which was the lowest decline. The Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino reported a whopping 30% profit drop from last summer in the popular vacation month of August.

The decline in casino profits in Atlantic City is not new. Atlantic City casino profits have been falling for the last few years. However, August’s drop was significantly larger than in past years. Analysts of the situation have blamed several issues for the apparent downfall of Atlantic City. For one, many of these beachside casino resorts are letting themselves fall apart. Renovations and rejuvenations are few and far between. Additionally, anti-smoking laws that banned players from smoking in large portions of the casinos also led to a decline in customers. However, one of the largest factors in the loss of Atlantic City casinos seems to be online casino gambling.

Players that once travelled for miles to spend a day or two in Atlantic City have discovered that they can easily play casino games online and save money on gas and accommodations. Especially because of the current recession and economic crisis, gamblers and travelers in general are finding that they are opting for the more frugal options.

With online casino, gamblers can play all their favorite real money gambling games including casino blackjack, roulette, video poker, online slot machines, casino roulette, baccarat, Keno, craps and more. With all of these exciting online casino games at players’ fingertips they aren’t as anxious to spend the money to head to Atlantic City.
Online casinos also offer players a lot more worthwhile bonuses and promotions. While an Atlantic City casino may offer new players a welcome bonus of $10 or at most $20 and comps for food and drinks, online casinos are known to offer thousands of dollars in bonus cash. Rome Casino, for instance, has a current welcome bonus on the table worth up to $5,000, redeemable over a player’s first five deposits.

As Atlantic City casinos attempt to gain back their edge and increase their profits they are taking drastic measures. The managements of Trump Entertainment, Harrah’s and Tropicana are proposing a three-year contract to freeze the wages of their waiters, bartenders, dishwashers and housekeepers. It will be interesting to see how things work out for the Atlantic City casinos and their employees.

Jeux en live au Europa Casino en ligne

Casino en ligne Actualités: Les standards de qualité du secteur des jeux ne cessent de s’améliorer dans les casinos en ligne tout comme la gamme de jeux offerte. Les joueurs à la recherche de sites authentiques à l’image des casinos terrestres, seront satisfaits avec les sublimes jeux en live des casinos en ligne. Les joueurs peuvent jouer dans le confort de chez eux et se sentir comme dans un vrai casino.

Les jeux en live sont offerts dans tous les casinos en ligne et leur qualité varient grandement d’un site de jeu à l’autre. Il est donc important de prendre en compte le logiciel de jeu et l’expérience des croupiers quand vous souhaitez opter pour un jeu en direct de qualité. Au vu de la forte demande en jeux en live, les gérant Europa Casino en ligne et Tropez Casino en ligne ont dernièrement remasterisé leurs jeux en direct. Les nouveaux croupiers mis à la disposition des joueurs sont des professionnels issus d’une société européenne experte en la matière. Ils offrent aux joueurs tout le luxe disponible dans les casinos terrestres d’Europe. La qualité de ces jeux est inégalable dans ce secteur au même titre que le fameux logiciel de Playtech.

Europa Casino en ligne et Tropez Casino en ligne offrent les jeux en live suivants : roulette, blackjack et baccarat. Les joueurs se voient offrir l’opportunité d’interagir avec les croupiers directement via une webcam. Ainsi, ils peuvent discuter avec les dealers mais aussi avec les autres joueurs à table. Une expérience de jeu en ligne exceptionnelle est au rendez-vous uniquement sur Europa Casino en ligne et Casino Tropez.