Casino Online – Florida Woman Hits Jackpot at Rome Online Casino

Rome Casino: Little did Florida woman Cynthia B. know what was in store for her when she sat down to play the Bingo Slot at Rome online casino. It was a rainy Friday night and online-casinosCynthia was waiting for her sister to come over for dinner and a movie, when she decided to pass the time by playing online casino slots.

“After ten minutes of playing,” recounts Cynthia, “my sister rang the doorbell. I clicked to spin the reels once more as I got up to get the door. I didn’t look to see if I’d won and I wasn’t prepared for the surprise I had when walked back into my computer room!” Cynthia had won $116,728! Sufficed to say, she and her sister skipped the movie and headed out for a celebratory night on the town.

Cynthia B. says she had been playing the Bingo Slot for only a couple of weeks. She says she plays casually, when she has a few spare minutes throughout the day and never dreamed of hitting the jackpot. She used to stick to playing Rome Online Casino’s selection of classic one-, three-, and five-reel slot machines and had just switched over to video slots. The Bingo Slot machine is a video slot with 25 pay-lines. The game looks like a giant Bingo Card and when the reels are spun the card is filled in with different colored Bingo balls. Cynthia lucked out with a winning combination and a huge $116,728 jackpot!

When asked what she plans to do with the money, Cynthia says she looks forward to finishing paying off her car and her daughter’s school loans. Then she plans to head to Barcelona, a city she’s always dreamed of visiting. “Whatever is left over I’ll put into savings,” she says. “After all, you never know when a little jackpot money will come in handy!”
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Author: James Deweese

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