Casino Gaming Put Behind Bars!

Life behind bars can be a gamble – but for one set of sneaky prisoners, the daily grind became a hot bed of serious casino gambling. Recent reports have eliminated from Edinborough’s Saughton Prison, with details of a ‘Prison casino’ being shut down amidst stories of riots, big stakes and illegal gaming. According to prison sources, the casino gaming stared getting serious when prison officers agreed to supply banned casino equipment to the pleading cons – including green felt table covers and casino chips. Once they had their hands on the gaming accessories, the prisoners set-up secret high stakes gambling sessions, which are strictly prohibited behind bars.

According to prisoners, the tense prison atmosphere and real casino tables made it feel like a hardcore Vegas casino venue – no doubt with some characters who wouldn’t look out of place in the darkest down town gaming venues! When the coup was revealed, it led to a barrage of complaints from the church and council members. However, it’s not know exactly which officers helped supply inmates with the casino chips and felt tops, and the prison’s officials claim that any case of monetary gambling is always reported to the highest ranking bosses. However, prisoners claim that violence had been erupting for months as inmates gambled with cash and ‘luxury’ items such as cigarettes, illegal drugs, sweets and any other prized items. The Scottish Prison Service have banned and removed all casino gaming items except for cards – leaving the prison’s casino kings once again playing for match sticks.

Author: Raymond Webb

Staff Writer

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