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Bingo To Appeal To The Male Nuts Generation

Wed, Aug 7, 2013 by Normand Root

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Although online bingo is played by hoards of both girls and guys – the female dominated bingo parlours remain the stereotypical image of web bingo gamers. However, the move is under way to attract more male gamers in the 18-35 zone – commonly known as the ‘Lad Mag’ niche. In fact, Netplay, an online bingo company, have announced a new Live TV bingo show, that will air on the iconic free view channel, Nuts TV. The digital version of the classic 90’s Lad Mag is estimated to air to over 23 million viewers across the UK. Significantly, the concept fits in nicely with Netplay’s other interactive gambling show – ‘Supercasino’ – which offers a more holistic gaming experience, that appeals to both men and women.

Naturally, the approach taken to a male dominated audience will be interesting to see – and it could herald a new niche of Lad Mag style bingo sites popping up within the near future. In addition – it looks like TV is powering-up to grab its fair share of the bingo market, with interactive TV delivering the real prospect of attracting more bingo players, including new niches like young males.

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