Beat The Dealer With An Online Blackjack Strategy

Most casino players know how to play online blackjack. In essence – the aim of blackjack is to simply check your first 2-card deal and the dealer’s up-card, and proceed to hit for cards until your hand is 21 or lower – before standing against the house (or going bust!). Naturally, although there are other bets such as splits and double downs – you can game by using basic logic combined with luck to try and hit winning rounds and sessions. However, in the long-run this approach to online blackjack is just what the dealer wants – he doesn’t want you using real mathematics and statistics to dent his advantage. The good news is you can quickly implement basic blackjack strategy while simultaneously boosting your fun……

Basic online blackjack strategy

Although online blackjack can be played with numerous strategies, ranging from the casual to the professional, ‘basic blackjack strategy’ is the ideal place to start. Why – because it’s relatively easy, doesn’t take weeks to learn and can genuinely help to reduce the casino’s blackjack advantage, albeit not totally remove it. Here’s the kind of rules applied by basic blackjack strategy:

– Hit to create hands worth 17+ or soft 18, when the house-up is 7 or lower
– Hit if the casino’s up card is a 6 or lower and your hand is 12>
– Double Down 10 or 11 combos against the casino’s up 9 or lower
– Split aces and 8’s

Can basic blackjack strategy beat the dealer?

Although basic blackjack strategy can’t actually reverse the house edge, progressing the tips above and gaming with a full strategy chart (which can be found on the web) will enhance your chances in the long-run against the dealer. Winning rounds and session should become easier to attain. Use the tips below to maximize the benefits of blackjack strategy:

– Bet with low risk (such as 0.5-2% of your blackjack bank)
– Maintain a level credit size in all rounds and sessions
– Play frequently for strategy to have benefits
– Play a high volume of blackjack sessions and rounds before analyzing your skill

Author: Raymond Webb

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