Online Casinos Giving Vegas A Run For Its Money

The current global recession has a lot of industries hurting, and land-based casinos are no exception. Particularly in us-online-casino-rothe United States, where the economy is at its worst since the Great Depression of the 1930s, land-based casinos are seeing one of the largest profit declines in history.

In July, Las Vegas profits fell 17% and they have continued to decline through the month of August. The decline can be attributed to a number of factors. For one, people all over the world and particularly in the United States are being tighter with their money. The unstable economy has led to a fall in travel in general and less people are forking out the cash for the flight or gas money it takes to get to Vegas. Atlantic City is also showing a decline, as well other land-based casinos and casino resorts throughout the United States.

However, despite the decrease in land-based casino profits, U.S. online casino action is on the rise. Many players that once travelled to land-based casinos are turning to the online casino world. After all, Internet casino gamblers don’t have to worry about the cost of travelling, dining, entertainment or accommodations. Online casinos offer popular casino games including casino blackjack, casino roulette, craps, baccarat, casino slots, video poker, keno and more at a fraction of the cost.

Many online casinos are also working to attract new players by offering new promotions or increasing the amount of existing casino bonuses. Generous welcome bonuses and high-paying referral, rewards and VIP programs are huge incentives for new players to sign up for online casinos, even during this global recession. Many online casino rooms are offering their players the opportunity to participate in free tournaments and earn additional cash bonuses as well.

Another way that Internet casinos are attracting customers is by releasing new games and new casino software. New slot machines based on current trends, movies and characters are drawing players who want to try out new games. Additionally, many online casinos are turning to 3D games as well. Many online players are playing at lower stakes than they were before when playing games online, but an increase in the number of players still leads to an increase in profits.

A number of online casinos, including Rome Casino and other casinos supported by Top Game software, are opening up their doors to a new set of players by accepting American Express deposits. Amex online casino rooms are benefitting by offering Amex players a place to play—players that were once turned away from most online casinos.

The offering of bigger bonuses, new games and new payment options is paying off. While Vegas and other land-based casino locales are on the decline, online casinos are showing a steady increase in profits. However, online casino rooms will have to continue to reward and astound players if they want to continue their uptick as the recession in the United States continues.

Sales Of Blackjack Card Counter Hit The Roof

Just last week we reported how a nifty casino blackjack card counting software available on iPhone variations was hitting some of the world’s casinos hard. Now, in a further development and afterblackjack online-wp coverage on American media channel CNN, sales of the casino scourge has increased ten-fold. The software was created by Australian casino geek Travis Yates, and it’s reported to be available for download for less than £5 on the web! With casinos now running scared, the Nevada Gaming Control Board have even taken the precaution of warning Las Vegas casinos that this piece of smart technology is the real deal for casino punters.

Ironically, this warning has made gamers even more eager to try it out for themselves! The software creator Travis Yates is said to have created the software to ‘help people practice card counting and use it with friends at home’. According to Randall Sayre from the Nevada Gaming Board, the software makes casino blackjack card counting ‘easy’ and ‘accurate’. It’s not know whether the software can help online casino players count cards, but it could be worth a try – and there’s no chance that a web casino will be able to detect it, so it’s 100% legal.

Online Sportsbetting Odds For English Football Championship As Good As In The Casino

The football season in England will commence this weekend with the first game already in place. And for all those interested in getting in some last minute bets, the current odds are all here for the taking…

According to industry experts, the clubs that are currently favorites for ascending into the Premiership include Newcastle, West Bromwich Albion and Middlesbrough. On the other side of the spectrum, the teams which are expected to transition over to the Coca Cola League One are Barnsley, Scunthorpe and Blackpool.

The first match of the season will see Scunthorpe take on Cardiff City in a tough battle from which Cardiff City are expected to triumph. Scunthorpe’s odds for the game according to Betfair are 32/21, whilst at Ladbrokes they are 7/4.

Unlike Cardiff City, Blackpool have had a rough game in previous seasons, and are one of the favorites for relegation back to the Coca Cola League One, with odds of 17/10 available at, 7/4 at, and 15/8 at

As for the Queens Park Rangers, they too are expected to relegate to the Coca Cola League One, and have odds of 9/4 at most major online sportsbetting websites, including,,,, and

Barnsley are also highly promising this season for relegation to the Coca Cola League One, yet their odds range significantly across the different sites. At and , they have odds of 7/4. At they are 17/11, at they are 15.8, and they are 2/1 at,,,m and

To place bets on other teams in the Championship, or on other sports and in places all around the world, visit the William Hill Sports website, which offers a diverse variety of sports and unbeatable odds too.

Online Blackjack Really Heats Up In Online Casinos

With all of the exciting and profitable winning opportunities online casinos have to offer all of their players these days, there’s one special way for online casino players to really cash in on the big bucks and that is by playing Blackjack online at one of the favorite online casinos. Blackjack online offers players a unique opportunity to match luck and skill with this timeless casino classic.

Thanks to the convenience of online casinos, practically anybody in the entire world can feel all of the thrill and excitement of playing this coveted game at the favorite casino in the comforts of their own home when they play blackjack online, not to mention that there are literally hundreds of awesome playing combinations when it comes to playing blackjack online. The advantage for this online casino favorite is clearly in the player’s hands.

Many online casinos use their wide selection of blackjack online playing options to lure in players and players. Online casinos offer a wide playing variety with just the click of a mouse or a push of a button, what could be easier or more convenient to make your bank account double or triple or even quadruple?

Even beginners who are completely unfamiliar with the ins and outs of a game such as blackjack online can have the convenient option of playing blackjack online at a number of their favorite online casinos in a practice or ‘fun’ mode to get more acquainted with their playing and betting style. Once these beginners are more confident, they usually deposit their bets into real money accounts and then take full advantage of all of the winning opportunities that come with being a skilled and lucky online blackjack player.

Clearly, players who play blackjack online at their favorite online casinos have more than a myriad of choices and opportunities to not only maximize their winnings but also their fun. With so many online casinos using all of the state-of-the-art technology available to them to recreate a number of exotic and attractive virtual casinos settings for their players, it’s really no wonder why so many players are playing so much blackjack online and winning big.

Online Casinos will have $360K in Casino Tournament Prizes in September

Golden Online Casino & GoCasino, two of the most popular online casinos to accept players from the United States, will host a series of slots tournaments that will have a combined online-casino-tournament-bctotal prize of $360,000.

The biggest of those tournaments will have a prize pool of $100K guaranteed, and will distribute cash prizes to the top 500 best qualified players. The first place collects an impressive $35,000 prize. The entry fee for this tourney is just $0.88 so, despite the large number of winners, competition is predicted to be fierce.

The slot tournament starts on September 4th 2009 and ends on September 11th, 2009. The featured game is the five-reel, 25-payment lines, slot machine called Cherry Blossoms. Featuring Japanese themes, this slot is known to be one of the favorites among Vegas Technology software aficionados.

The software also counts with a large selection of traditional games such as craps, baccarat, blackjack and roulette. Besides that, the casino has also several variations of video poker and other card games.

Besides the slots tournaments, Golden Casino also offers a initial deposit bonus of 100% up to $555. In addition, the casino has one of the most generous reward programs on the net. Known as the Crown Jewels, this loyalty program rewards casino players with special bonuses, free comps, entries to tournaments, and cash backs.

Last but not least, Golden Casino is also reputed for its excellent customer service and hassle free payments. The casino has paid millions of dollars to players worldwide.

All these points combined are what make this online casino one of the leaders in the gambling market. We suggest you always visit to keep updated with the next promotions and slots tournaments. You never know when you will be the next big winner.

UK Online Casinos Are Moving Offshore

Sports associations in the United Kingdom are worried that online casinos moving offshore to avoid heavily tax income will be out of the range of regulators preventing fixed games.

ukonlinecasinosBritish sports leagues have demanded the regime to address concerns made by the trend of most leading online casinos and Internet sports books moving to Gibralter and other countries than the UK. The sports bodies are concerned that new operative grounds intend that such account books as William Hill and Ladbrokes will no more be under UK rules, which demand the online gaming sites to share data and give away mistrustful betting practices.

Leagues tell the Gambling Act is a crucial component of keeping match altering and gambling corruptness. If bookies move on the far side of regulators, sports officials fear their games will be insecure.

William Hill, Ladbrokes and other GB online casino operators are searching to break away from heavy UK taxations, which cost them as practically as 10 times what offshore operations pay. The effect of associating sports betting info is a side effect of the demand to obtain an evenhanded business position.

The English Football Association tells it was capable of gathering the necessary info to freeze 4 players for a year thanks to joint measures with web gambling operators based in the UK. It says offshore operators have been less open.

But gambling experts direct to the international cooperation given tennis in its fight versus gambling corruptness, and tell it is in the sports books finest involvement to act with sports associations to forbid fixed stakes.

“The main objective of fixing is the book, who bears to accept a loss if crooks wager heavily on a game that’s fixed,” says longtime risk taker Tom O’Shannon. “And the book wishes fairly stakes, since players will not bet if they mistrust results are not truthful.”

US Players get $20000 in bonuses
NON US Players try William Hill Casino

Win Palace Online Casino: Bringing in a new generation of online casinos

The beginning of August marked the successful launch of the new online casino, Win Palace Casino. Win Palace Online Casino is heralded within the gaming community as a leader in online-casino-winthe newest generation in top online casinos. Players coming to this online casino have the unique opportunity to take part in experiencing the newest generation in online casino innovation. The online casino launched by Regalbar LTD ensures a new and higher level of modern sophistication within the online gaming world.

Win Palace Casino is powered by RTG Gaming, which is known within the industry for its state-of-the-art gaming platform and this online casino goes above and beyond to give this particular experience to its players.

Win Palace Casino’s aim is to provide players with the most exclusive and realistic online casino experience within the comfort and convenience of their own home.
The interface for this online casino is refreshingly different and new compared to older online casinos within the industry and the homepage: has a fresh new design that is not only attractive but simple and enjoyable to navigate.

Win Palace Casino offers players a vast selection of over 130 of the most exciting online casino games in the industry. This includes a large number of table games, over 60 different types of slot games and specialty games. In addition, players can always look forward to the launching new online casino games on a regular basis.
New players are given an extra incentive of a generous Welcome Bonus plan that can equal up to $1,000 in play cash. There is also another Welcome Bonus for those players who enjoy playing the online casino’s wide variety of slot games: 300% up to $3,000 on their first deposit.

Another feature of this online casino is the overall ease and accessibility for its players. From the initial download and registration to their friendly and always reliable support team, Win Palace Online Casino goes above and beyond to make each player have an easy and pleasant experience every time they log into the casino.
All players are welcome to this online casino, including USA players. The online casino is available for download in English and French, German and Spanish versions will be launched in the near future.

To add to the launching excitement, Christopher Engham, CEO of Regal Bar Entertainment stated in a recent press conference: “I am very excited with what this online casino offers players and I have high hopes for this brand and look forward to watching this online casino grow in years to come.
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