New Online I-slot Soon At Online Casino

Online Casino News & Bonuses: Interactive slot games, or better known as I-Slots, are one of the latest and most ground breaking forms of online casino gambling there is. In contrast with traditional online slot machines, which require not much more than the simple pull of a handle, interactive online casino slot games actually require their players to thing ahead and plan a strategy. Playing in this way is widely believed to make for a more engaging experience, or as the name implies a more interactive online slots experience.

One of the latest interactive online casino slot games soon to be launched into the market belongs to CocoaCasino, which believes it might even be able to roll out the new interactive casino slots game by the end of the current month. The game itself will feature a spy theme, whereby players will have to employ special secret agents to partake in missions as part of their team, all the while also devising a strategy which will assist them in taking over. The new game is understandably, quite anticipated by players and industry professionals alike.

Until the big release, CocoaCasino is offering its players a 100 percent FREE $25-500 deposit for all first deposits, provided only that the players download the website’s free gambling software. This is backed up with an exclusive re-deposit bonus which will grant players an extra 15 percent simply for using MoneyBookers, ECOCard, Click2Pay or Neteller. If this was not enough, then players will be happy to hear that CocoaCasino is further offering a new high-rollers bonus which awards players with an added $1,000 for any $1,500 minimum deposit.

Until the arrival of the new interactive slots game, players can enjoy the cutting edge technologies of the online slot games available at William Hill online casino (For non US player), for US players offer high roller bonus up to $20000.

Online Casino Offer Free Beer for a Year at Vegas Red Online Casino

Vegas Red online casino celebrates Oktoberfest this year in typical Vegas party style. The popular online casino is running a special promotion throughout the Oktoberfest period. A must for anyone who enjoys a cool refreshing beer… First prize is free beer for a year! This highly anticipated promotion is running following the overwhelming response to last year’s Oktoberfest competition, which, much to the great enjoyment of Vegas Red players, was the first online casino to launch a free beer promotion.

To enter, Vegas Red members simply need to make a deposit at the casino. Next, they just need to start playing any of their favorite games. The player who wagers (bets) the most throughout the promotional period will win first prize. Throughout the entire tournament, members can track their position on the standings table, which is updated live every 30 minutes. In addition to this knockout of a first prize, twelve lucky players will win runner up prizes of between $500 and $25 in free bonuses.

Casino Manager Sarah Banks commented, “After the runaway success of last years’ promotion, we didn’t hesitate in offering the same prizes this year. Vegas Red is all about fun. Our typical member is someone who not only wants to enjoy the comfort and security of a leading Playtech casino, but have some real fun at the same time… to feel that Vegas spirit and party a bit. Here at Vegas Red, it’s that Vegas party spirit that we endeavor to offer”.

With a fantastic selection of cutting edge games, including a huge choice of online slots, video poker, roulette and blackjack games, it is up to members how they choose to play their deposited money. The possibility of winning the free beer, on top of the huge winning payouts made by Vegas Red, mean that members are enjoying an extra thrilling and rewarding month at the casino. This promotion is open to all new and existing players that make a of deposit at Vegas Red within the promotional period (September 25th to October 5th).

Online Casino Gamers To Become Reality Tv Stars

Rounders House is taking online casino gamers where they’ve never been before! The show, which is the first Online Poker Reality TV show in history, will bring top online poker players to Las Vegas to play poker for charity, receive instruction from pro poker players, win cash and other prizes, and become Reality TV stars.

Many online casino gamers, whether they play online poker, casino blackjack, roulette, craps, video poker, online slot machines or other gambling games, are used to playing quietly from the privacy of their own homes. If they win a jackpot or big ante they’ll have their names broadcast in print at the online casino or poker site. However, online casino and poker players have never received the recognition or fame that Rounders House is slated to bring.

The show will be broadcast live, twenty-four hours a day, during the first week of November. The Rounders House will have live cameras set up in every room of the house so that you can see what they are doing at all times. As top online poker players arrive at the Rounders House they will introduce themselves to viewers and will keep video blogs during their stay as they compete for bonuses and money for charity in daily poker challenges. Viewers can log-in online at any time to watch the players’ video blogs, read about them or see what they are doing live.

The very fact that they are making a reality television show about online poker shows just how popular online gambling has become. Every day more and more people sign up to play poker and other gambling games at online casinos for fun as well as for real money. The online casino industry is booming. Many players who once visited live casinos in towns like Vegas and Atlantic City are now turning to online casinos in order to save money on travel and accommodations. Additionally, many people are turning to online casino gambling and online poker as a means of increasing their bankroll and cash flow during the current worldwide economic crisis.

There has also been a recent trend in the legalization and regulation of online casino and gambling sites all over the world. In the United States, online casino regulation legislation has been introduced and is slated for discussion in the coming months.

Argentina, Estonia, Sweden, France and several other countries are also in the process of creating legislation for the regulation of online gambling. As governments around the world continue to regulate online casinos and gambling sites, online gambling is expected to become safer as more responsible gaming statutes are put into effect.

Rounders House is expected to bring even more hype to the world of online poker and, in turn, to online casino gaming. As online poker players are treated like stars, more and more gaming enthusiasts are expected to join the ranks of gamers playing online poker and casino games.

Beat The Dealer With An Online Blackjack Strategy

Most casino players know how to play online blackjack. In essence – the aim of blackjack is to simply check your first 2-card deal and the dealer’s up-card, and proceed to hit for cards until your hand is 21 or lower – before standing against the house (or going bust!). Naturally, although there are other bets such as splits and double downs – you can game by using basic logic combined with luck to try and hit winning rounds and sessions. However, in the long-run this approach to online blackjack is just what the dealer wants – he doesn’t want you using real mathematics and statistics to dent his advantage. The good news is you can quickly implement basic blackjack strategy while simultaneously boosting your fun……

Basic online blackjack strategy

Although online blackjack can be played with numerous strategies, ranging from the casual to the professional, ‘basic blackjack strategy’ is the ideal place to start. Why – because it’s relatively easy, doesn’t take weeks to learn and can genuinely help to reduce the casino’s blackjack advantage, albeit not totally remove it. Here’s the kind of rules applied by basic blackjack strategy:

– Hit to create hands worth 17+ or soft 18, when the house-up is 7 or lower
– Hit if the casino’s up card is a 6 or lower and your hand is 12>
– Double Down 10 or 11 combos against the casino’s up 9 or lower
– Split aces and 8’s

Can basic blackjack strategy beat the dealer?

Although basic blackjack strategy can’t actually reverse the house edge, progressing the tips above and gaming with a full strategy chart (which can be found on the web) will enhance your chances in the long-run against the dealer. Winning rounds and session should become easier to attain. Use the tips below to maximize the benefits of blackjack strategy:

– Bet with low risk (such as 0.5-2% of your blackjack bank)
– Maintain a level credit size in all rounds and sessions
– Play frequently for strategy to have benefits
– Play a high volume of blackjack sessions and rounds before analyzing your skill

Bookies In Casino Gambling Hit

The traditional offline bookmakers have already suffered from the web taking over as the core gambling niche. Now, it looks like their casino operations are going to take a hit, not from online casinos – but from the dreaded tax man! In a ‘jackpot crack down’, the government plan on raiding casino machines found in high street betting shops. This week’s budget is set to instantly re-coup the profits gained by the companies on the back of the recent 100-1 shock winner of the Grand National, Mon Mome. At the moment, in-shop casino machines are taxed at a rate of around £2100 per year.

Casino industry experts forecast the taxable rate may well be increased to 20% and thinks the government are looking at the casino machines like hawks. Unfortunately for the bookmaking industry, casino machines have been their main flow of profit since the web stole a huge chunk of its custom. Last year the big two, Ladbrokes and William Hill, between them made more than £500 million from in-shop casino machines. The average betting outlet is scooping around £2500 in profit per week from casino gaming machines, that’s a cool £125,000 with a tax rate of 7%. No wonder the government are set to take their share.

Casino Gaming Put Behind Bars!

Life behind bars can be a gamble – but for one set of sneaky prisoners, the daily grind became a hot bed of serious casino gambling. Recent reports have eliminated from Edinborough’s Saughton Prison, with details of a ‘Prison casino’ being shut down amidst stories of riots, big stakes and illegal gaming. According to prison sources, the casino gaming stared getting serious when prison officers agreed to supply banned casino equipment to the pleading cons – including green felt table covers and casino chips. Once they had their hands on the gaming accessories, the prisoners set-up secret high stakes gambling sessions, which are strictly prohibited behind bars.

According to prisoners, the tense prison atmosphere and real casino tables made it feel like a hardcore Vegas casino venue – no doubt with some characters who wouldn’t look out of place in the darkest down town gaming venues! When the coup was revealed, it led to a barrage of complaints from the church and council members. However, it’s not know exactly which officers helped supply inmates with the casino chips and felt tops, and the prison’s officials claim that any case of monetary gambling is always reported to the highest ranking bosses. However, prisoners claim that violence had been erupting for months as inmates gambled with cash and ‘luxury’ items such as cigarettes, illegal drugs, sweets and any other prized items. The Scottish Prison Service have banned and removed all casino gaming items except for cards – leaving the prison’s casino kings once again playing for match sticks.

Online Casinos in 2009 – What is the Future for Online Casinos?

Online casino sites have come a long way since the first online casino site was introduced to the internet nearly 15 years ago offering players a mere choice of only 18 casino games. Nowadays, there are literally hundreds of online casinos sites that have come and gone and a selection of thousands of different online casino games for a wide variety of players to choose from. Based on the recent global economic conditions, there seems to be no end in sight when it comes to the overall popularity of online casinos sites throughout the globe.

In addition to a top selection of online casinos, those players out there who are looking for other ways to cash in on these types of ventures can enjoy giving sports betting a try, or of course, they can turn their attention to the equally popular world of online poker. There is even a strong community of online bingo players who are finding great satisfaction and winning potential with this timeless classic. All of these varieties of casino sites have spawned from one another and they are taking the world by storm. Each of these types of online casino sites is offering strong and attractive incentives for their targeted audience and is enjoying maximized results.

Technological advances are also helping catapult online casinos sites to a whole new and exciting level. As online casinos became more in demand among players within online casinos, online gamblers began to be accustomed to a higher level of gaming selection and better and more realistic graphics. These advances are vast and are growing exponentially. All online casinos are looking for more players and they will do whatever it takes to keep players playing exclusively t their casino sites for the long run.

In addition to impressive realistic graphics and true-to-life real casino ambiance of today’s online casinos sites, there are also new choices in how online casinos players can enjoy their online gaming experience. Players can now play their favorite online casino games from their favorite casino sites directly on their cell phones. They can also play directly from a number of online casino sites in a download free version of the software. Google’s i Google also recently launched an online blackjack application to add to users homepage.

In conclusion, all of these advances are making playing at online casinos sites more interesting and more exciting as time and technology progress. This is an ideal time for people from around the world to enjoy all of the potential that comes with playing at online casinos sites today.