Atlantic City Profits Continue To Drop In August

Atlantic City casino resorts, once jam-packed year round, have seen a large decline in profits over the last several months. August was no different. The month of August is usually the busiest month of the year for Atlantic City casinos. However, this past month saw a revenue decline of over 16% from August of 2008, just a year ago. This 16% in profits isn’t trivial—it accounts for a loss of more than 2.5 billion dollars in casino profits for the city.

Atlantic City is home to eleven casinos and every single one of them reported a decline in profits in August. The Tropicana Casino resort reported a decline of 6.9%, which was the lowest decline. The Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino reported a whopping 30% profit drop from last summer in the popular vacation month of August.

The decline in casino profits in Atlantic City is not new. Atlantic City casino profits have been falling for the last few years. However, August’s drop was significantly larger than in past years. Analysts of the situation have blamed several issues for the apparent downfall of Atlantic City. For one, many of these beachside casino resorts are letting themselves fall apart. Renovations and rejuvenations are few and far between. Additionally, anti-smoking laws that banned players from smoking in large portions of the casinos also led to a decline in customers. However, one of the largest factors in the loss of Atlantic City casinos seems to be online casino gambling.

Players that once travelled for miles to spend a day or two in Atlantic City have discovered that they can easily play casino games online and save money on gas and accommodations. Especially because of the current recession and economic crisis, gamblers and travelers in general are finding that they are opting for the more frugal options.

With online casino, gamblers can play all their favorite real money gambling games including casino blackjack, roulette, video poker, online slot machines, casino roulette, baccarat, Keno, craps and more. With all of these exciting online casino games at players’ fingertips they aren’t as anxious to spend the money to head to Atlantic City.
Online casinos also offer players a lot more worthwhile bonuses and promotions. While an Atlantic City casino may offer new players a welcome bonus of $10 or at most $20 and comps for food and drinks, online casinos are known to offer thousands of dollars in bonus cash. Rome Casino, for instance, has a current welcome bonus on the table worth up to $5,000, redeemable over a player’s first five deposits.

As Atlantic City casinos attempt to gain back their edge and increase their profits they are taking drastic measures. The managements of Trump Entertainment, Harrah’s and Tropicana are proposing a three-year contract to freeze the wages of their waiters, bartenders, dishwashers and housekeepers. It will be interesting to see how things work out for the Atlantic City casinos and their employees.

Online Casinos Got Huge Online Slots Jackpots

As the summer reaches its end, players from around the globe are returning from their summer retreats and back to work and sending their kids off to school. As rains and harsh weather conditions hit major areas around the world, online casinos are being packed to the gills with returning and new online casinos players.

Many of these players, old and new are checking out some of the newly launched online casinos that have been gracing the online casino world in the recent months. Another trend worth noting is the new surge in player participation in online slots games, particularly the ones that offer their players a generous progressive jackpot. Progressive jackpot online slots games offer players a fun and exciting option for playing online slots at their favorite online casino. Players from a number of casinos can place their bets on these games while the progressive jackpot grows until somebody makes the winning spin. This type of online slots game is used in almost every online casino today and gives players a chance to win huge cash prizes, sometimes in the millions.

Recently launched online casino, Winpalace Casino also offers this money making opportunity to their players. They offer a large selection of games powered by online casino software giant, RTG Software. Some of these favorites include: Let’ Em Ride, Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold, Crazy Dragon, Mid-life Crisis, Aztec’s Millions and much more.
This online casino offers serious slots fans a unique online casino playing experience. With realistic graphics and sound, players at Win Palace Casino will feel as if they were sitting at their favorite slot machine in Las Vegas, without having to leave the comforts of their own home. Win Palace Casino also welcomes players from the United States to get in all the playing and winning action.

As Win Palace online casino gains popularity, many players can expect to find some pretty big jackpots from playing one or all of these games. In addition to this attractive lineup of exciting progressive jackpot slots games, Win Palace Online Casino offers something extra special for first time depositors to this online casino: a 300% up to $3,000 Special Slots Welcome Bonus. Clearly, an ideal opportunity to get in all of the online slots action at Win Palace Casino, as they offer up to players over 130 exciting online slots games for players to play and enjoy.

So, don’t be glum with the cooler rainier weather, just visit your nearest online casino and get a head start towards a winning winter today.

Online Casino Offer 300% up to $3,000 in Special Online Casino Slots Bonus

Recently launched online casino, Win Palace Casino is taking the online casino experience to the next level and taking their players by storm. By making their games accessible in a number of convenient and profitable ways, players from around the globe, including the United States, can find their favorite way to enjoy this state-of-the art online casino and they like their options.

For starters, Win Palace online casino allows players access to their 130 plus online casino games in a quick and simple downloadable version that takes up minimal space on any hard drive and gives their players an opportunity to enjoy all of these award winning games. Within moments, players are registered to the casino and can begin playing and winning. Players also have the option to either play in a practice mode; an ideal choice for people who are looking to sample all that the casino has to offer risk free or for them to practice their playing strategies from the online casino’s large selection of exciting and rewarding table games.

As soon as a player is ready to take their playing experience to the next level, the option for a Real Money Mode is available to them with just a click of a button. This option offers many first time depositor bonuses for players to choose from. For example, players who make their first deposit into the online casino can enjoy a 200% up to $500 welcome bonus that is redeemable twice to equal $1,000 in bonus play cash. If a player is more inclined to playing Win Palace’s wide selection of over 80 slots games, the online casino offers them the chance at earning a 300% up to $3,000 Special Slots Bonus. In addition to that, high rollers can also enjoy a special high roller bonus when they deposit higher amounts into the online casino.

The bonuses and incentives don’t stop there. When players begin depositing and playing regularly at Win Palace Casino, they can take advantage of ongoing special promotions, bonuses, progressive jackpots and so much more. It is safe to say that Win Palace Online Casino wants their players to win and win big.

For those online casino players who want a playing option that is even more convenient, Win Palace Online Casino offers all of their games in a simple download free version. All players have an opportunity to either sample the casino’s lavish game selection or to play for real money straight from the Win Palace Casino website. What could be more convenient than that?

Clearly, Win Palace Casino has something for everyone, whether it’s their wide selection of exciting games, or their options for playing, this is really the place to play.

Online Casino Player From Arizona Hits Jackpot

Paula L., a teacher from Tucson, had a bout of beginner’s luck when she hit the jackpot on Top Game’s Red White Blue online casino slot machine at Rome online casino.

Red White Blue is the patriotic online slot machine from Topgame Software, available at Rome online casino. The American patriotic theme of the Red White Blue slot fits with Rome Casino’s commitment to offering US players an enjoyable online gambling experience. This machine is just one of the classic slots with progressive jackpots available at Rome Casino. Red White Blue is a very traditional classic slot with symbols including single, double and triple bars, white and blue 7s and a jackpot 7 covered in stars and stripes. This online slot machine does not utilize scatter symbols or bonus rounds.

Paula from Tuscon, Arizona, hit it big when she spun three stars and stripes 7s on her first day of playing at Rome online casino. “One of my coworkers had been talking about online casino gaming for awhile,” said Paula. “He said he plays a lot of online casino blackjack and it’s a lot of fun. I’ve been to Vegas a few times and I’ve always stuck to the slots, so I decided to give it a go on the Red White Blue.” Paula can’t wait to tell her coworkers about her success!

Red White Blue is just one of the many exciting progressive slots available at Rome online casino. The site also has two other classic online slots with progressive jackpots—Berry Flavors and Crazy Pizza, and a variety of progressive video slots online including the Bingo Slot machine, Fandango’s, the Fruit Slot, Sweets Surprise and Wild Sevens. With progressive slots, the more people that play and wager the larger the jackpot grows until one winner, in this case Paula, wins big. In order to qualify for the big jackpot in progressive online slots you have to wager the maximum number of coins. In Red White Blue, players must bet all three coins with a maximum coin value of $5.

Paula plans to use part of her jackpot to make the final payments on her car and aside from that she hasn’t really thought about what she wants to do with the money. “Right now I’m just in shock!” she said. “I can’t believe I won such a huge jackpot on my first day playing online casino games. Maybe I’ll go on a trip next summer, as the new school year is just starting so I won’t have time now. For now, I’ll just hold on to the money until I figure out what I want to use it for.”

Rome online casino is known for an amazing selection of slots, both progressive and non-progressive, as well as a variety of other exciting online casino games including blackjack, roulette, keno and online video poker. There is a lot of jackpot money and payouts to be won. Who will be the next big winner!

Charity Casino Poker Event A Success

The Jamie Gold Charity Tournament has recently kicked off as part of the unique Poker in the Park festival currently being held at Leicester Square, London. A wide range of celebrities and professional poker players showed up to cap off the 50 player team, which went head to head at the Casino at the Empire’s Shadow Lounge.

Jamie Gold, the winner of the 2006 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event, was the host of the event, alongside Peter Eastgate, the WSOP Main Event’s youngest ever winner. Some of the poker professionals who managed to come along and play were JJ Hazan, Ian Frazer, John Tabatabai, Sam Trickett and Nick Persuad, and they were joined by celebrities Michael Greco and Teddy Sheringham.

The Jamie Gold Charity Tournament has been held in order to try and raise money for the range of charity organization under the Jamie Gold Foundation wing. The buy-ins for the event were all donated to the Jamie Gold Foundation, yet there were several special donations made as part of the giving spirit. One of these donations was a seat to the UniBet Open valued at £3,000, and another was a £5,200 seat to the European Poker Tour.

There were 4 separate camera crews on set to capture the live poker action amidst the generous giving spirit. The winner of the day was none other than Swedish Professional Mikael Gabrielsson.

Poker in the Park in Leicester Square will continue until 9.30pm on the 14th of September, during which Jamie Gold himself, as well as a handful of other poker professionals, will be giving a lecture under the UniBet lecture Marquee.

For entry into great events like this, or just for a great poker experience, be sure to visit William Hill Poker.

Estonia Opening Doors To Online Casinos In 2010

Estonia has jumped on the bandwagon of countries that are legalizing online casinos and gambling sites in recent months. This European country promises to make online casinos legal in the country starting on January 1, 2010. From the first day of the year, Estonians will be able to play casino games online such as online blackjack, casino roulette, craps, keno, online slot games, video poker and more for real money.

The new Estonia Gambling Act will recognize the licenses of online casino operators within the European Union. However, offshore casino operators located outside of the European Union will not be authorized to accept Estonian players. Foreign casino operators will have to apply if they want a license to operate their online casinos in Estonia. Licensing will be based on a number of factors. In order for a gambling operator to apply for a license they must be properly incorporated and well funded and they must submit to a background check.

Downsides to the legislation include the fact that ISPs will be required in order for the government to regulate online gambling and block access to online casinos that have not been licensed but continue to operate illegally, offering online casinos and online gambling services to people in Estonia. Additionally, foreign operators looking to offer online casino services in Estonia may have to pay a large fee for access to Estonian players.

The legalization of online casinos and Internet gambling in Estonia is a great leap forward for the online casino industry as a whole. As more and more countries follow in one another’s footsteps to legalize and regulate Internet gambling the industry is becoming more accepted and more profitable.

There is currently legislation on the table in the United States to regulate and legalize online casino games as well. New Jersey Senator Menendez has submitted legislation for the legalization and regulation of online skill games including poker with his Internet Poker and Games of Skill Regulation, Customer Protection and Enforcement Act. Additionally, House Representative Barney Frank is trying to pass a bill to legalize and regulate other online casino games including online casino roulette, online blackjack, keno, craps, online slot machines, video poker and other casino games. Perhaps Estonia’s passing of legislation to legalize online casinos as early as 2010 will set a precedent for the upcoming decisions in the United States.

Despite the fact that these laws have yet to pass, it is important to note that there are currently several online casinos that are authorized to operate within the United States. Rome Casino, for instance, offers safe and secure gambling for American players. Rome accepts a variety of payment methods for US players including American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Cash Transfer and a variety of E-Wallet services.
It will be interesting to see how the United States follows suit after Estonia and a number of other nations have passed legislation to legalize and regulate online casino gambling.

Eig Casino Conference Scheduled For September 2009

The European i-Gaming Expo (EiG) is an annual conference in the i-Gaming arena, which has taken place each year for the last seven years. This year the conference is scheduled to be in Copenhagen from September 15 through September 17. It is the largest trade event in the world dedicated to online gaming and will be attended by the who’s who of online casino gaming.

In 2008, the EiG Expo was attended by more than 1500 people from more than 60 countries around the world. This year is expected to be even larger, as more and more countries are beginning to regulate and legalize online casino gambling. Attendees slated to attend include everyone from online casino operators to experts in online casino and gaming law, fraud, marketing, business development, casino and gaming payments, IT, regulation and more.

The EiG Expo is expected to cover a large variety of issues tied to i-Gaming and online casino gaming. On the first day, pioneers of i-Gaming will discuss the present and future of online casinos and online gaming and what sort of innovations we can expect from the future. One of the innovations presented will be a new form of online casino software slated to change the existing models of online casino gaming.

On the second day of the Expo, presentations will be split into three different topics. Attendees can choose between a variety of presentations on the subjects of acquiring and retaining new customers, legal issues in the world of online casino gaming, or the marketing aspects of operating an online casino, including the appropriate usage of social networks like Facebook and Twitter to market online gaming platforms.

Finally, on day three EiG Expo attendees will be able to choose from two different tracks. One track will discuss product differentiation in online casinos and gaming sites. It is no secret that casinos on the Web are becoming more and more similar. Most offer all the same games (i.e. casino blackjack, online roulette, craps, keno, video poker, and the same online casino slots) and many have similar themes and design. Some casinos have broken the mold with original themes, such as Rome Casino’s ancient Roman theme. However, a majority of online casinos are nearly identical to one another. The second track on day three will focus on new channels of delivery, such as mobile gaming and the mobile online casino experience.

The speakers list for the European i-Gaming Expo is made up of some of the most influential companies and people in the online casino software and gaming industry. Attendees should glean a lot from the speakers’ expertise. It will be interesting to see what sort of new innovation and ideas come from this year’s Expo, especially considering the fact that many countries around the globe are currently in the process of trying to legalize and regulate online casino gaming and online gambling.