Premier League: Manchester United go to Tottenham while Arsenal visit Manchester City

IT IS back to the action in the Premier League. All the top six play each other. Manchester United go to Tottenham while Arsenal visit a free-spending Manchester City side that will feature old boy Emmanuel Adebayor – both games should provide pointers to the title race. Stoke are also uncharacteristically up there too and entertain Chelsea which may not be an easy stroll for the west Londoners. Stoke are 13/1 to win 1-0.

In New York, the finals of the US Open will be live right here as they happen. And it is the Italian F1 Grand Prix on Sunday too with betting on practice on Friday and Saturday
Your BetClick sports betting coach.

3.20 3.25 2.20
HOW good are Tottenham? Are United the same force without Cristiano Ronaldo? All is revealed at White Hart Lane.. A £20 bet on 2-2 draw pays out £280.

2.75 3.20 2.50EMMANUEL Adebayor is on the other side this season. But Arsenal have started in blistering form despite the blip against United last week.. A £20 bet on Arsenal to win 2-0 pays £240.

9.00 4.00 1.40

STOKE have had a good start to the season and lie fifth. They like playing at the Britannia Stadium. Chelsea will have their work cut out. A £20 bet on Chelsea to win on 2-0 pays £120.
LIVERPOOL entertain new boys Burnley – both on parity at six points.

The claret and blues of Turf Moor have already beaten champions Manchester United and Everton but got turned over at Chelsea two weeks ago.
Liverpool have been unlucky or out of sorts missing the €30 million skills of Xabi Alonso in midfield. They have lost to Tottenham away and Aston Villa at home and shipped two goals to Bolton before nicking it with three of their own.

They have had more players on international duties and maybe a shock is on the cards.
Burnley are 14.00 for the unthinkable…a win?

New Online Casinos Are Aiming Towards US Online Casino Players

Despite the ban on online casinos from the United States, this is in no way stopping all of the dozens of new casinos online that are being launched in the past few months. The trend is to aim these new online casinos at players located in the United States and so far the results have been more than successful on both ends involved.

If a player is looking for high bonuses and a more complete online casino experience, they need not look any further than their nearest recently launched online casinos. New casinos online give their players an advantage as they need to prove themselves in the gaming industry as soon as possible. This is due to the highly competitive nature of the world of online casinos today. Therefore, players can expect to find higher welcome bonuses, more enticing promotions and more attentive and available online customer care and support. Either way players come out on top when they play at new online casinos.

All of these elements are crucial for maximizing player satisfaction and the overall survival for new casinos online today. With this in mind, new casinos that are aiming to gain a strong hold in the USA market have their own tools of the trade as far as meeting their objectives. Like any other market, new casinos that are looking for American players go through great lengths to make sure that their American players feel at home, are satisfied and playing regularly.

As with so many online casinos that need to cater to a worldwide clientele, the online casinos that focus their efforts on gaining players from the United States will utilize their strategies with bonuses and promotions to cater to their specified audiences. Many online casinos will create special offers to fit with an American Calendar, so players should take heed at their favorite online casinos during special events in the United States, as many of these casinos almost always offer a special incentive in honor of these American holidays and festivals. They will also create an online casino experience that will appeal to an American mentality.

An example of this strategy is the recently launched Win Palace Casino fits this description, as they are welcoming players from the United States and offering up an attractive 200% up to $1,000 welcome bonus to all new depositors that come to play at this state of the art online casino.

For all those Americans out there who are looking for the next big thing in new casinos, it’s only a matter of finding one of the New Casinos out there and giving them a shot.

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Online Casinos Coming To British Columbia By 2010

Changes are afoot around the globe in the online casino industry. The British Columbia Lotteries Commission (BCLC) announced that they plan to provide online casino gambling by the year 2010. The BCLC currently offers online sports betting, lottery and horseracing bets. The addition of government regulated online casino gaming is a new and bold move and is the first of its kind in Canada, as well as the first in all of North America.

Michael Graydon, the President and CEO of the BCLC, announced the news in a recent press release. Graydon’s reasoning behind broadening the BCLC online gambling sites to include online casino games is that each year British Columbia loses millions of dollars in tax revenue to offshore casino operators. British Columbians gamble around $87 million on online casino games like online blackjack, casino craps, roulette, keno, video poker and online slot machines at offshore casinos. The BCLC is hoping to draw these players in so they can benefit from the taxes on this money. Graydon believes that British Columbians will prefer to spend their money at a site operated by the BCLC, not only because its close to home but also because of the trust associated with the BCLC brand.

When the BCLC expands their site to include online casino games it will signal a first in the online casino industry. This will be the first time in North America that a government will have a monopoly on online gambling. BCLC will have control over all forms of online gambling including casino games, horseracing, sports betting and the lottery. In accordance with the introduction of casino gambling games in 2010, British Columbia has also been rolling out a new responsible gaming program, which will include online and television messages.

Graydon’s press release did not mention whether or not the BCLC would support regulation of other online casino operators within British Columbia. However, Graydon did say that he has high hopes about the BCLC’s ability to thwart the competition. The BCLC runs one of the most successful gambling sites on the Web and the addition of online casino games is expected to boost their traffic.

If countries like France, Sweden, Estonia and even the United States are any indicator of the future then the BCLC won’t be able to monopolize the online casino industry in British Columbia for long. There seems to be a revolution in the world of online casino gambling in which governments around the globe are seeking to regulate online gambling and casino operators. Other British Columbian game operators could come into the picture, offering online blackjack or other table games, casino slots, and other gambling games, throwing the BCLC off their high horse. However, in the meantime the sheer fact that the British Columbia Lotteries Commission is expanding to offer casino games shows a huge step forward in the online casino industry.

Bingo To Appeal To The Male Nuts Generation

Although online bingo is played by hoards of both girls and guys – the female dominated bingo parlours remain the stereotypical image of web bingo gamers. However, the move is under way to attract more male gamers in the 18-35 zone – commonly known as the ‘Lad Mag’ niche. In fact, Netplay, an online bingo company, have announced a new Live TV bingo show, that will air on the iconic free view channel, Nuts TV. The digital version of the classic 90’s Lad Mag is estimated to air to over 23 million viewers across the UK. Significantly, the concept fits in nicely with Netplay’s other interactive gambling show – ‘Supercasino’ – which offers a more holistic gaming experience, that appeals to both men and women.

Naturally, the approach taken to a male dominated audience will be interesting to see – and it could herald a new niche of Lad Mag style bingo sites popping up within the near future. In addition – it looks like TV is powering-up to grab its fair share of the bingo market, with interactive TV delivering the real prospect of attracting more bingo players, including new niches like young males.

Online Casino Game Baccarat Still Popluar at Online Casinos?

The well known Casino game baccarat is most certainly one of the more popular games found in all casinos worldwide. The game has its own rituals, its own special place within the casino and players who do make their way to the casinos always expect a certain experience when they place their bets and put their cards on the table. From the tuxedo clad dealers to the velvet rope one must step over to sit at the many baccarat tables that line our favorite casinos, this is truly a game unlike any other.

There may be some people who are curious about playing this game called baccarat and have considered joining in on the action, but often times find themselves too intimated to make that leap to put their money down on a game such as this. However, the reality is that baccarat really only takes moments to learn and less time to master. It is a game of luck with the right amount of skill to make any novice able to bring home a significant amount of cash.

A great place to begin with Baccarat is playing online baccarat at any online casino today. Online casinos provide the perfect place for those players to hone their skills and get more comfortable with the online baccarat. Many online casinos provide enticing options for players at any level to get in the game. From free fun modes of online baccarat, to download free versions of online baccarat, this is an ideal way get one’s feet wet in terms of becoming a more skilled online baccarat player. For the more experienced players, many online casinos offer live online baccarat versions where the virtual experience is heightened with real baccarat dealers and cards and the best part is that all of this action of can be found within the comforts of your own home.

Online casinos offer online baccarat players many exciting money making opportunities to really cash in on all that online baccarat has to offer. These come in the form of generous bonuses and special online baccarat tournaments. These incentives not only allow players hours of online baccarat enjoyment but also brings them many opportunities to profit big from playing this one of a kind casino favorite.

Even players from the United States can profit from this experience as the newly launched online Casino, Win Palace Online Casino is showing promise of providing players worldwide a truly remarkable and exclusive online baccarat playing experience. The realistic 3d graphics and pitch-perfect sound can transport all of their players to a virtual world where they can feel part of the real-life baccarat gaming experience.

Online Casino Bonus Offensive At Europa Casino

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