Online Gambling at Online Casinos: Which Online Casino Come Out On Top?

Online Gambling is a convenient and fun way to supplement a person’s income. Especially during these times of worldwide economic hardship, many people throughout the world have been turning to online gambling to not only help their bank accounts with some extra padding, but also more and more people are turning to online gambling as their primary source of income.

Online gambling at online casinos can prove very profitable for people who turn to this as a way of generating income in the midst of high unemployment rates. There are many reasons for choosing online gambling. One important reason is that most online casinos have much higher odds than land based casinos. The reason for this is less overhead. Online casinos do not need to pay for hotels, gourmet food, first class entertainment and all of the other ‘bells and whistles’ that go into the whole ‘Las Vegas’ experience. All of those extra costs are not relevant and as a result, the online casino of your choice will generate more winnings per deposit.

Another reason why the odds are in the players favor at online casinos is the sheer competitiveness found within the online casino world. Literally dozens of online casinos are being built and are aiming to become the next best thing in online gambling. Online casinos will do whatever it takes to keep their players satisfied and playing regularly. This means that players can look forward to many fun and exciting opportunities within these online casinos to cash in big. From generous welcome bonuses, to ongoing specialized game tournaments, progressive jackpots, VIP programs and much more. If a player becomes savvier to these types of online casino bonuses, there is no doubt that they can fully profit from their online gambling experience.

Even players in the United States can take advantage of this fun and convenient money making strategy, as there are literally dozens of online casinos that allow online gambling for people in the United States. Each of these online casinos are fully equipped to meet their targeted market’s needs. For example, the newly launched online casino, Win Palace is open to USA players and offers them a generous opportunity to increase their investments with two types of welcome bonuses: One is a first time deposit bonus for 200% up to $1,000 and the other one bonus is specifically for online slots: 300% up to $3,000.
If you are looking for your next money making opportunity, look no further than to your nearest online casino, it could be where you find your wealth

Make Your Own Online Slot Machine?

The concept of interactivity is al the rage among online casino gamers – with multi-player tournaments and interactive slot games particularly popular. However, software company Microgaming have taken the trend to cool new levels, with the launch of their innovative MySlot technology. The game, available at all the leading Microgaming powered web casinos, is a new concept in slot gaming, allowing players to designed and play their own slot machine!

The fully customizable software permits gamers to upload their own photos to create unique themes and graphics – there are now no boundaries when it comes to imaginative slots and the casino games you really crave. You can change the music, get rid of that sick colour scheme and make this a game you’d bite my hand off to play.

The standard slot games contains a basic 5 reel and 9 pay line design, and Microgaming expect it to be a smash hit in the casinos. The company’s Chief Exec, Roger Raatgever, has revealed the customizable slot is something that gamers have explicitly requested in their thousands, and now offers gamers the chance to ”sit in the designer driving seat and be the creator of their own slot destiny.”

8 Million Hippodrome Casino Dream

Is there any venue in London more famous for exotic, mind blowing night life than the infamous Hippodrome? For over 100 years the iconic venue has thrilled and entertained, complete with a massive 100,000 gallon water pool as its centre piece! Notoriously, it has even been the clubland of entrepreneur Peter Stringfellow. Although since October 2008, the venue has been filled by the incredible La Clique circus, plans are now in place to convert the building into a mega £8m casino – including a Gordan Ramsey eatery. United Leisure Gaming, have even fought off appeals from other casinos in London.

One key decision in giving the casino plans the go-ahead, is the company’s dedication to restoring the Hippodrome to feature many of the original features and allow the general public to see the building in its real magnificence. In addition, the Hippodrome Casino will specifically aim to attract the ‘softcore gambler’ – in other words the general public looking to spend under £50 gambling, and looking for a holistic night out and Vegas vibe. So, while the venue is set for a unique and totally new venture, it looks like the magic of the Hippodrome will be re-assuringly restored and maintained thanks to the construction of the UK’s most deluxe casino venue.

Online Poker Legislation Introduced By Nj Senator Menendez

Earlier this month, New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez introduced legislation to legalize and regulate online skill games, including online poker. Menendez’s bill, dubbed S 1597—the online-poker-bcInternet Poker and Games of Skill Regulation, Consumer Protection, and Enforcement act—signal a new direction in the world of online casino gaming, in which high ranking U.S. government officials are beginning to open up to legislation regulating online gambling. This is a welcome change for online casinos and poker rooms, as well as for online gamblers, following the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) of 2006.

Menendez’s bill, as the name implies, applies to gambling games in which skill has a direct impact on the game’s outcome. Though the bill focuses primarily on online poker, other online casino games and skill games including bridge, backgammon, chess and mahjong are mentioned as well. Menendez’s bill states that, “while each of these games contains an element of chance, over any substantial interval, a player’s ultimate success is determined by that player’s relative level of skill.”

Some supporters of the UIGEA oppose Menendez’s bill, viewing it as unlocking the door to a re-legalization of online casino gaming as a whole in the United States. However, online gambling has continued to take place and online casinos have continued to operate despite the UIGEA legislation. Menendez, and other proponents of the legalization and regulation of online casino gambling, proposes to impose a 10% tax on player deposits as a means to use online skill game gambling to boost the economy. 10% of all player deposits will be shared between the Federal government and the State government of the state in which the depositing player resides. This is not only a means to appease online casino gamers, and particularly online poker players, but also a way to help relieve the economic crisis in the United States.

In addition to proposing a 10% tax on deposits, other provisions of the bill focus on regulation and customer protection. Menendez proposes creating a list of unlicensed online gambling operators in order to increase efforts against unlawful gambling. He also wants to implement technologies that will protect against underage gambling in online casinos as well as dedicate funding to prevent problem gambling and help those with gambling addictions. Menendez is using some of the same provisions as have been carried out in the UK, where online gambling is legalized and regulated.

Senator Menendez’s bill does not apply to non-skill casino games such as casino roulette, blackjack, baccarat, craps or casino slot machines. However, it does apply to online poker, which is the largest sector of the United States online casino gambling industry. However, House Representative Barney Frank also recently introduced a bill calling for the regulation of all online casino gambling, including non-skill games. These bills are seen to bolster one another, and increasing support just may lead to the overturn of the UIGEA and a new chapter in U.S online gambling history.

Microgaming New Seasonal Online Casino Games

Microgaming (, the world’s largest provider of online casino gaming software, rounds off a sizzling summer with the addition of three new feature-rich themed video casino slots to its ever expanding portfolio, as well as a brand new installment in its hugely popular Level-Up Video Poker series.

Be a winning contestant with SCOOP THE CASH game-show themed slot
Rewards are the name of the game as players navigate their way through a game-show themed world, defined by green and gold graphic decadence. Casino players are invited to taste the high life and enter a millionaire’s playground, depicted by trappings of wealth and success such as cars, mansions and cashed-up tycoons in luxurious abundance.

The five reel, 25 payline, multi-featured slot format, offers players plenty of chances to win big.

Multipliers a-plenty await contestants at different stages, and re-triggering Free Slot Spins, Wilds, two Scatters and a fat bonus add that important element of excitement and entertainment as the game unfolds.

Take a voyage of discovery with JEWELS OF THE ORIENT
Players can dust off their magic carpet in preparation for a quest to discover the secrets of the exotic East with Jewels of the Orient. Full of eastern promise and mystery, this dazzling new five reel, nine payline video slot, takes players on a journey from the vast plains of India to the snow capped mountains of Japan. Brought to life by sophisticated scenic graphics, vibrant colors and populated with exotic characters, the game offers a glittering array of rewards in the form of gold, priceless gems and treasure casks.

With a host of player-enriching features that include Wilds, Scatters, Free Spins and Multipliers, Jewels of the Orient also offers a brilliant series of second screen bonus offers, the main one of which empowers the player with three different selections of treasure-bearers. On each appearance the player can choose one treasure cask which can deliver 40 Free Spins and a 5x multiplier to boost winnings.

Get those chainsaws purring with LUMBER CATS
Players can join a team of burly tree-felling felines at peak harvest season on a pine plantation in this light hearted new video slot. With vibrant graphics featuring a trio of axe-toting lumber cats, tree-tractors and logs, this treble featured, five reel 20 payline video slot, creates player opportunities through a combination of traditional slot action, boosted by three winning features that offer prizes and free re-spins galore.

The Wild Cat feature helps players to build winning combinations, but the trees have scatter functionality and three or more across the reels triggers the main feature in the game, which is the highly competitive Tree Climb, in which picking the winning cat awards additional prizes. Capping the action, there’s a Gamble feature, where a player can double or quadruple winnings by predicting the right color and suit.

Have the last laugh with DOUBLE JOKER POKER
The last of September’s releases is the latest edition of Microgaming’s hugely popular Multi-Level Power Poker series. Double Joker Poker Level-Up Poker is guaranteed to keep players busy as they climb a series of levels with increasing multiplier rewards for each victory.

The aim of the casino game is to secure a win and progress to the next level – the higher the player progresses, the more money they can win. To add to the excitement there is an extra Joker in each pack, but the news is even better for gamers as The Joker is ‘Wild’, enabling players to build winning combinations.

With a total of four levels, and the opportunity to win 8x the original bet, there are ample opportunities to win big with this clean, colorful new game.

SpinPalace offer Microgaming games, but Microgaming does not allow US players. US Players try and get a $20000 in free bonuses

Online Casinos Prepare For A New Season To Rank Among The Best Of The Best Casinos

Summer is soon coming to an end which means that most online casinos are anticipating a higher number of more active players returning from their summer vacations and returning to their favorite online casinos to continue with their playing action.

Most online casinos are emerging from their summer off season with some pretty remarkable welcoming incentives to their online casino players. Often times, the best casinos are the ones with a fresh new look to bring to their players. Many of the new online casinos are anticipating a strong return back into their casinos. Meanwhile, many of the newly launched casinos are kicking up their strategies to bring in more and more players. This means players looking for the best of the best casinos experience can be pleasantly surprised with what new casinos are cooking up this fall season.

To welcome the arrival of the new Fall Season in the casinos, some of the best casinos have many new and exciting things to offer. Most of the newer best casinos online will be coming out in full force to draw in new players, so expect to find a selection of hot, new, eye-catching online casino bonuses and promotions aimed at a full spectrum of online casino players. For example, recently launched Win Palace Online Casino offers a fresh and new welcome bonus to their new players: a generous 200% bonus up to $1,000. Other casinos will kick off a new season full of promotions, bonuses, tournaments and lots more.

In addition, not only are the new casinos newer than new. Some of the older more established best casinos are getting a facelift as well. Players of all different varieties can expect to have all of their senses excited from the state-of-the art graphics, stereo surround sound and an exciting array of new and classical games to choose from.

This is also an ideal time for most of the best casinos online to unveil some hot new games, particularly progressive jackpots. Since there will be more players returning to their favorite and best casinos online, the progressive jackpots for a large selection of games will increase tremendously. This clearly means that there will be higher chances for more players to win, in some cases, millions of dollars.

Win Palace Online Casino Launches Win Palace Slots: One of The Exclusive Online Casinos to Play Online Slots

Today, the newly launched online casino, Win Palace Casino is celebrating another launch to their successful online casino with Win Palace Slots. Win Palace Slots was specifically designed with slots enthusiasts in mind and they offer many special incentives for all kinds of players who come to check out this new place to play online slots.

All new depositors to Win Palace Slots will enjoy a generous Welcome bonus of 300% up to $3,000 in bonus cash; A more than ideal amount of money that can be used in order to sample the selection of over 80 slots games and to allow players a maximum opportunity to ‘hit the jackpot’ when they play online slots at Win Palace Slots.

Players who come to Win Palace slots can play a variety of different types of online slot games including: Classic 3 Reel, 5 Reels, Real Series Video Slots, Video Poker and much more. In addition to this variety of ways to play online slots, players can play online slots directly from the Win Palace Slots website without having to download the software. This is a convenient and quick approach to get in on all of the action when players play online slots at Win Palace Casino.

Bonuses upon request
Stay tuned for all kinds of special events at Win Palace Slots. The online casino plans to offer huge jackpots, ongoing promotions and new slots games launches. Win Palace Slot’s multilingual online support team is on hand 24/7 to welcome players to the casino, offer special bonus requests from players and to address players’ questions and concerns.

CEO Christopher Engham stated today in a press conference that “Win Palace Slots will quickly become the hottest place for slots players to enjoy the most exclusive and exciting slots experience online today. We strive to give our players the best gaming experience and a so much more”.