Gambling Expert Says Online Casino Ban Won’t Help Problem Gambling

Many people who oppose online casino gambling say that online casinos feed the addictions of problem gamblers. They say that people who have issues with spending more money than they can afford to lose in online casinos would not have an issue if online casinos did not exist. However, Carol O’Hare, who is the executive director of the Nevada Council on Problem Gambling, says that a ban on online casinos and Internet gambling is far from the best means of dealing with people with gambling problems.

What does O’Hare recommend for problem gambling? She says that education and treatment is far more effective than banning online casino games. She says, “problem gambling is not going away because somebody puts it in a corner or puts the casino too far out of town so that we won’t drive there or take it off the Internet.” Just as alcoholics managed to find alcohol during the years of prohibition, problem gamblers will find a way to gamble their money whether or not online casinos exist.

O’Hare said that as the years pass, the percentage of people who have gambling issues and addictions continues to remain constant. This takes into consideration statistics before and after the introduction of online casinos. Mental health specialists believe that problem gambling stems from the same roots as other substance abuse issues and these people will manage to find a place to gamble no matter what. What they need is regulation and help.

Many online casinos set limits that allow players to only deposit a certain dollar amount per day, per week or per month. Other casinos allow players to set these limits for themselves. For instance, a player may set a limit for himself of $100 a day on online casino slots. Once this limit has been met, the software will not allow them to bet any more. These limits can be set for all sorts of online casino games including online blackjack, casino craps, roulette, video poker and more. Many online gaming sites, like Rome Casino, also have links to Gamblers Annonymous and other self-help tests, websites and services.

Carol O’Hare’s statements, that a ban on online casinos is not the answer to preventing the spread of problem gambling, came as a blow to supporters of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) and others looking to pass a full ban on online gambling. These anti-gambling groups, including churches and religious leaders, have used problem gambling as one of their main arguments against casino gambling on the Internet. In fact, problem gambling is one of the main arguments against legislation for the legalization of online gambling.

There are several bills on the table at the moment that may lead to a boom in the United States online gaming industry. O’Hare’s statements serve to bolster current legislation that is in the works to legalize and regulate online gambling and online casinos in the United States.

Internet Gambling Monopoly Justified By European Court

The European Court of Justice has ruled that a country has the power to restrict private operators from entering the sphere of online casino gaming and Internet gambling, in a decision that came as a shock to many. The decision, which declared that private operators can be banned from the online casino and gambling arena in order to protect and safeguard the interests of a country’s citizens, gave direct justification for the upholding of the current online gambling and lottery monopoly in Portugal.

The case that was brought to court was not connected to online casino gambling directly. However, the repercussions could have a strong effect on the way the online casino industry is run in Europe. The case related to a dispute between Austrian online casino giant bwin and the gambling and lottery monopoly in Portugal. Liga, a Portuguese soccer club, is sponsored by bwin and so bwin’s online casino advertisements were placed on the uniforms of Liga players, as well as on Liga’s websites. The Portuguese charity that held monopoly rights to online casino gambling and the lottery accused bwin of infringing upon their space and their position as a monopoly and, therefore, fined bwin as well as Liga.

Furthermore, the case was brought to the highest court in Europe, the European Court of Justice, who ruled that the government has the right to bar foreign online casino operators in order to combat fraud and other unsafe practices. In the case of bwin vs. Portugal’s gambling monopoly, the court ruled that this ruling applied because, in the court’s opinion, gambling involves a high risk of fraud, criminal behavior and unsafe practices. It should be noted that bwin is a highly reputable online casino gaming group that puts security in high regard and has said that commercial casino operators can combat fraud on their own as well—not only governments. However the court disagreed and, in short, gave permission to Portugal to maintain their government monopoly on online casino games and lottery and get bwin out of the picture.

This news is a surprise, especially in light of recent efforts across Europe to move away from monopolies in the online casino and gambling industry. For instance, Denmark just passed legislation in order to dissipate the Danish monopoly Dansk Spil and allow other online casino operators to compete. Other countries all around Europe and the rest of the world have been in the process of passing new legislation to regulate the online casino industry and find means of allowing offshore casino operators to enter the equation. With these new developments, who knows what will happen. Perhaps Dansk Spil will try to regain their monopoly and other countries around Europe and the world will put a halt on their online casino regulation legislation. What effect will this have on the online casino industry? All we can do is wait and see.

College Grad Wins Online Casino Jackpot At Rome Online Casino

Online Casino News & Bonuses: Jordan K. of Tallahassee, FL graduated from college with a BA in Literature and Publishing last May. Little did he expect, when he got his college diploma, that he would earn $30,000 before the end of summer! Jordan hit the jackpot playing the Diamonds Are Forever online slot machine at Rome online casino last week and changed his life!

Jordan says that he chose the Diamonds Are Forever machine over the other online slots at Rome online casino because he loves James Bond films. He said, “even though the machine isn’t based on the 007 film I was playing it because of the name. I thought Bond might bring me some luck and I guess I was right!” The Diamonds Are Forever machine is one of the most popular online slot machines at Rome online casino. It is a classic 3-reel, 3-payline slot machine with nine winning combinations. The symbols include golden bells, blue diamonds, single bars, double bars and triple bars and a 7 wild symbol. Jordan hit the jackpot when he spun three 7s for a 6,000 coin payout.

Rome online Casino asked Jordan what he was going to do with his winnings. “I just graduated from college, so I have a lot of loans to pay off,” he said. “But with the recession it’s been hard to find a good job. I think I’ll live off the money for a few months while I look for the perfect job. After all, now I can afford to do that. Once I land the job, I’ll put the rest of the money towards paying off my loans.”

Jordan is just one of the lucky winners at Rome online casino. Many lucky players have hit the jackpot at the site’s large array of online casino slots. The site’s slot machines are powered by Top Game and include a large number of exciting game options. Some of the most popular online slots at Rome include Bankroll Reload, Fandango’s, Fruit Slot, Red Chili Hunter, Black Diamond, Diablo, Ocean Fantasy and Wild Sevens. Rome also offers the exciting online casino games of blackjack, online roulette, keno, casino video poker and more.

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Argentina To Regulate Online Gambling In A Hurry

Argentina is on the fast track to regulating online gambling and online casino games. They are following in the footsteps of a number of countries around the world who are have recently passed, or are in the process of passing, legislature to legalize online casino gaming.

The Presidential Cabinet Chief of Argentina, Anibal Fernandez, says that the government wants to regulate online gambling in order to curb illegal and unregulated offshore casino operators. However, it is rumored that Argentina isn’t turning to regulation of online casino gambling just to give Argentineans the option to play online casino gambling games “close to home”. Rather, the major impetus in online gambling regulation in Argentina seems to be soccer, or what the Argentineans refer to as “futbol!”

This past year, the Argentinean government took over the soccer television broadcast rights from the cable operators. Allowing Argentineans to bet on soccer games online is a great way to bring in revenue to pay to televise these games. This could account for the fact that within a year Argentina has made a drastic 180 chance from looking to ban online casinos and online gambling to wanting to legalize and regulate it as soon as possible. Anibal Fernandez said, “We’re working hard so this will become law within two or three months.” However, though they are trying to pass the legislation as quickly as possible, Fernandez also noted that it could take as long as two years until online casino gambling is legalized and regulated in Argentina.

Each time a new government decides to pass legislature to legalize and regulate online casino gambling it is a great step forward for the online casino industry as a whole. With each new bill that is passed, the rest of the world sees that Internet casinos can be regulated and run safely and effectively. Many online gamblers are playing at offshore-operated online casinos.

Turning control over to the government ensures responsible gaming and additionally, online casinos are turning out to be a great way for governments to earn extra money in tax revenue, which is especially important during the current economic crisis. Therefore, many countries are turning to regulating online casino gaming, giving gambling enthusiasts the opportunity to play games like casino blackjack, casino slots, roulette, craps, video poker and other online casino games.

If and when Argentina succeeds in regulating online gambling, it could have a domino effect on the rest of the world’s online gaming stance. Many church groups, live casinos and racetracks and bookies do not support online gambling.

However, there are still a number of other countries, including the United States, which are in the process of passing similar online casino legislation. United States lawmakers could use Argentina as a precedent for their own bills to regulate online gambling and wagering in online casinos, online poker rooms and other online gambling wagers.

According to Study, Online Gambling Are able to Decrease your Strain Degree

Online games is recognized to carry out a bunch– waste time, supply amusement, aid folks increase their month-to-month profit, nevertheless it is likewise understood to decrease amounts of anxiety too. A research accomplished at McGill College in Montreal, Quebec, Canada explained that internet games might literally benefit folks’s general wellness. This research showed that after betting some on the internet games, included online casino site online games, people were a whole lot reduced strained. In truth, cortisol amounts, the bodily chemical accountable for generating worry, tumbled by 17 percent on average. For a variety of behavior researchers, this is durable evidence that there is a correlation between internet games and also lessening anxiety degrees.

There have definitely been additional researches to verify the exact same detail also. A research carried out at Eastern Carolina College that lasted for 6 calendar month as well as had 134 ideas located that on the internet games is able to decrease worry as well as raise one’s frame of mind. A research at Oxford College additionally disclosed that internet games could be advantageous for those dealing with PTSD– article terrible worry sickness.

An on-line casino site even just recently carried out their very own spontaneous investigation study making use of Blackjack participants. In this casual research, it was indicated that 74 percent of all the members in the research believed that on the internet casino site online games were an exceptional technique to have a gratifying time alongside decrease tension. Those members that stated that on the internet gambling establishments performed certainly not aid lessen worry amounts bet on-line casino site online games by having much better concerns entailed. Yet another inspection, this time making use of Live roulette users established the identical activity– roughly 77 percent stated that internet casino sites were a wonderful means to decrease worry.

So, if a person is having an unacceptable day at project or at property, take a moment to bet a couple on-line gambling enterprise online games as well as watch as the tension disintegrates instantly!

Governed Online Gambling in Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s parliament permitted a brand-new playing bill last Thursday which are going to govern the nation’s on-line games market for the very first time – permitting games wagering, online casinos as well as additional kinds of playing online.
Bulgaria’s New Wagering Legislation

Under the brand-new statute, unique licensing plans will certainly be set up for Bulgarian and also faraway operators of on-line gambling enterprises, equine speeding and also puppy wagering, and also additional sorts of playing. Online suppliers shall be bound to stop accessibility to unlicensed gaming internet sites, which are likewise to be provided in an unique backlist. Direct advertising campaign of gaming are going to be prohibited.

Parliament authorized the brand-new procedures on their 2nd studying. According to associates of the managing center-right GERB celebration, the reforms shall make certain the earning of yet another 100 thousand leva ($ 67 ton) in yearly state profits for the European Union’s youngest associate state.
Fighting Illegal Betting

The brand-new on the internet wagering regulation certainly not just guarantees additional earningses, however additionally assists battle against the law playing. Online gaming as well as wagering has definitely previously been absolutely unchecked in Bulgaria, bring on the expansion of several rip-off internet sites over the earlier couple of years.

Online playing operators from around Europe shall no hesitation scramble to battle for Bulgarian gaming licenses. By picking to decrease the route of licensing online casino sites, the nation is observing in the footsteps of others like Italy, Denmark and also Spain – the latter of which is set up to commence releasing its preliminary of gambling establishment licenses by the end of this calendar month.

Rome Online Casino Jackpot Pay Off Loan

When Ruth K. took out a loan from her bank for $60,000 last winter she thought she’d be paying it off for the foreseeable future. However, against all odds she received enough money to pay off all her loans in one fell swoop last week when she hit the jackpot on the Crazy Pizza online slot machine at Rome Online Casino.

Ruth had taken out the bank loan to pay for a much-needed renovation of her house, as well as some hospital bills that resulted from a car accident that her daughter was in last summer. “I thought I’d be paying off interest on this loan for the rest of my life and that I may never get around to paying it off completely,” said Ruth. “I never though I would have enough money to pay it all off in less than a year!”

Ruth said that she plays online slots from time to time for fun but hadn’t expected to win such a big jackpot. “I had actually ordered some pizza and decided to play slots while I was waiting,” she said. “I was playing Crazy Pizza because I thought it was a fitting choice while I waited for my pizza to be delivered. By the time it arrived I was too excited to eat!”

Crazy Pizza is one of the most exciting progressive online slot machines at Rome online casino. Crazy Pizza is a 3-reel slot with a theme based on the Italian favorite. If you spin the reels and get three pizza slices in a row you hit the jackpot. Aside from the big jackpot there are 9 other winning combinations. It’s important to note that when you play slots online in an online casino like Rome you can win the largest jackpots only when you bet the maximum number of coins. Ruth did just that, and was handsomely rewarded!
Rome online casino offers a large variety of online video slots and classic slots with regular and progressive jackpots. Aside from Crazy Pizza, popular slots games include Bankroll Reload, Berry Flavors, Tropical Punch, Wild Sevens, Red Chili Hunter, Black Diamond, Diablo 13, Bingo Slot, Slotstructor and Ocean Fantasy. Aside from slots, Rome online casino also offers casino blackjack, roulette, Keno and online video poker games. Rome online casino games are powered by Top Game software and can be played for fun or real money.

When you play online casino games for real money at Rome you can make a deposit using a variety of payment methods. Rome accepts deposits via Amex, Visa, Discover, MasterCard, Use My Wallet, Neteller, EcoCard, Click2Pay, Moneybookers, Diners Club, Echeck or Cash Transfer.

Ruth says she will continue to play online slots at Rome Casino because she enjoys the thrill of the game. “Even if I don’t hit another jackpot, playing the slots is one of my favorite things to do. It’s so exciting. I’m sure I’ll keep on playing for years to come.”