All Go Casino Tournaments Fee-Free for a Month

Enter the June Tournaments For free!

Whether you’re new to online gambling or have been enjoying it for years long, everybody can agree that one of the best rewards a player can get is freebies. They can come in the form of cash prizes, holiday giveaways or bonuses, yet one casino has come up with a brand new and exciting way to provide online gambling rewards for free – fee-free tournaments!

Yes, Go Casino has guaranteed that for the next month, it will waive all entry fees otherwise required for all its online slot related tournaments. The fee-free month is scheduled to begin on the first of June at eight in the evening, and end by the beginning of July. There is an amazing total of forty nine different online slot tournaments registered to take place throughout this time period, which amount to an even more amazing total prize-pool – more than US$260,000 worth of cash prizes to be precise!

This unique and exclusive offer to Go casino is called the “Free-Nominon”, and will kick off with a US$15,000 Guaranteed online slot tournament on the immensely popular Cherry Blossoms slot game. Following this tourney there will be daily tournaments 3.30pm (ET) until 10.30pm on all weekdays, each boasting a guaranteed $500.

The largest prize pool on offer during the Free-Nominon promotion period is a US$75,000 Guaranteed online slots tournament that is scheduled to take place on Friday the sixth of June and continue for six days through to the twelfth.

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